Can't merge MATS ( pz2) into my scene [Solved]

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I got the Blank Boi and a bit content ( poses).
I tried to let him look with one of the Materials delivered with the package.

1. Why do I find the Material in the folder:
Poser Formats> DAZ>Pose>BlankBoi>MATS ? Shouldn't it be in the folder Materials?

2. I can apply a few of the materials to the figure, but not all. It seems it's a question of the Sign. But when I apply the Sign as a prop to the scene, it also doesn't work.

So, where's my mistake? How does it work?


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    DAZ Studio has only recently been able toa ccess the Materials library, and Poser has only erlatively recently been able to access the materials library without going into the Materials Room, so putting materil setting in the Pose library is quite common.

    I don't have the item, and don't understand what you mean when you say the Sign.

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    here are some pictures - I hope it get's clearer.

    800 x 587 - 227K
    800 x 487 - 187K
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    Do you have the sign selected when you try and add the mat ?

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    You are my hero :)

    I always selected the figure - 'cause I thought it is a Mat of him.

    Now it works.

    Wow, it is so simple, if you know how the developer thinks ;)

    slowly but surely I understand the logic - a light at the end of the tunnel :)

    thanks ;)

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