New Calida Freeby Designer Metals Shader presets

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Khory has been super busy working on a new set of Shader Presets since you guys seem to like that sort of thing. Whether you need something for jewellery, cookware or silverware I'm sure these 18 presets will come in handy. They also include a full reality version too!
You can grab them here
Presets include -
Includes -

Blued steel/Brushed
Old Gold/Brushed

PS Props not included! Although you can grab the table and three others from our freeby section too.

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  • MorpheonMorpheon Posts: 738
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    Oh, cool -- thank you. One can never have too many good shaders.

  • Eustace ScrubbEustace Scrubb Posts: 2,279
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    These look like they might even displace Questor's and Lakys' old metal shaders I've been enjoying all these years! Thanks!

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 7,942
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    Very cool. Will download when I get home from work tonight! :-) Thanks so much for these! :-)

  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
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    Thank you, I got some other things when I was there too. I have previously bought some of your shaders, but i will be back again soon.

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,279
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    Nice - thanks!

  • ThatGuyThatGuy Posts: 709
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    Nice. Thank you. One can never have enough set of shaders.

  • RCTSpankyRCTSpanky Posts: 757
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    Sorry to bring back that old thread and bump the forum, but I hope, that anyone can tell me, how I can contact Khory or anyone who's related to Calida3D? I would like to buy something from their store, but the site wasn't updated since 3 years and the store needs to be repaired. i also hope, that my question is not against DAZ rules. Thanks for help in advance.

  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 5,512
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    Khory is a PA here you should be able to PM her.

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