Sales end dates not in store?

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I was wondering if there's some way to make a sales end date show up in the store, or if that's an enhancement that needs to be done later. I noted when looking at the super suit and other items that there's no way to tell when the sales price ends. Weird thing is that I'd have sworn that this was in the new store when it first came up, but it's not there now.


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    It isn't currently available, I hope it will come back later.

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    In that case, perhaps when DAZ lists a new DAZ Original in the store, perhaps DAZ staff (and, ideally, any vendors with items introduced in the DAZ store) could post an announcement in the Commercial thread, and be Strongly Encouraged to include sales pricing end dates in the announcements? Otherwise, we have no way of knowing when it ends.

    Just as an example: I would like to purchase the Supersuit once the display pricing approaches sanity (seriously, I've seen the Pro bundle with four different prices so far) and ideally, once the dust on the store has settled a bit. But I don't know whether or not I have the time to wait for that, or how much time I really do have. A post in the Commercial forum about the Suit and related products with sales end dates in the first post would help a lot of people figure out when they could purchase it.

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    Or maybe just a sticky posted by DAZ to indicate when the sale end dates are for newly released items so that people can plan their purchases. The list could then be edited to remove items when they go off sale.

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    Hmmmm. Happened to look at City Swan Hair in the store, and it's got a countdown timer running (just over 5 hrs left at this point). Something new. Guessing these will run on the final day of a product's sale.

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    Yeah, I saw that too on all of Neftis' stuff that's on sale for another hour and a half!! This is a nice thing if it's what's being instituted! They just need to be able to get it on everything...

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