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I don't want to sound like a perv but I just hate it when things don't work like they should. With the character F4, Tye and Brock how come their gen's won't load. I've learned to start with M4 and load it there then go to the M4 MAT STD-res to solidify it. But If I start with the F4 gen then try to add F4 gens or the others it becomes a hollow image, but will solidify again with the MAT settings but it's the same thing. Is that way it's suppose to be? I'm just asking because I want everything to work properly.
Also when adding Buddy onto M4, how do I get the body or head to match each other? The Buddy head is darker than the M4 body. The Buddy head almost looks like a living dead zombie.


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    With the Gen 4 characters the gens were an add on, available with the morphs++ pack. I have a feeling they are conforming items.

    Buddy, if you are talking abount Buddy from Mec4D, comes with both Poser and DS mat files. Check that you are using the right version.

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