Depth of Field? what is it?

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in ds 4.5 sticky topic, someone ask "depth of filed can use in 4.5?"

I do not recognize about it at all, so I just run away.
then I play new ds 4.5 render random model and product, I checked about camera,

actually I never think about how to use camera. just turn and focus. sometime use camera view.
then click render!!

but today I checked tutorial again. and find about camera.

then I checked camera parameter,, Oh my god,, I missed them for long time, or just pretend
not care about camera parameters.

I can only understand about "depth of field" means "distance" which I can focut the target..

then I check camera prameters, there are two "dipth of filed" controller
one is in scene view section ,depth of field
one is in camera view section, depth of field
and just camera section, depth of field,,

I just check on depth of field,, and render then change focus area ,render..
I thought it means "depth of field"? (my two photos,,)
and how to use depth of field parameters?

DOF plane, DOF Overlal opacity,DOF plane coror?

is there good tutorial or documents about them? (it may help not only me but who ask about it
and I believe many new men do not touch ,same as me, because it seems difficutl,,)

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    The properties under view control the visibility of the guides that show in the viewport, and which can be dragged to adjust Depth of Field directly rather than by the numbers. If you switch to another camera or the Perspective View and look at your selected camera you will see a couple of planes (defining the in-focus area) and two grey primitives that can be dragged in the viewport to adjust the position and size of the in-focus area.

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    AA uu,, richard,, I understand what you say,, (they are in daz video tutorial^^;)

    I do want to more detail!! (richard must know many things,,)

    first I change color of plane, and opacity, I can not see anything
    out of two plane, in view.

    but when render , sightseeing behind the plane turn up. so color is not so much means?
    or they make some effect?

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    I never use the tools included in Daz when dealing with depth of field. Just go there :

    and download the "DOF Control" script. Then you'll just need to select the figure, prop or body part you want to get your focus on and start the script. It will update you current camera with the right settings.

    Check "Use DOF on current camera", then on "selected object" to focus on the part of the scene you selected. The F/stop value is based on photography. The lower the amount, the more opened the blades of the iris of your camera are.

    Lower values mean more light coming in but also a shallower depth of field ( the blurred background on a portrait photography? that's shallow peth of field ). In photography, modifying your f/stop would require you to compensate with your ISO or shutter speed to keep your exposure right.

    In Studio, this value is only used to deal with depth of field. In short, just remember that a lower value means a shallower depth of field ( shallow focus ) while a higher value means a deeper depth of field ( deep focus ).

    As a side note, you may need to boost your "pixel samples" value in the render settings is you have a shallow DOF ( depth of field ). Shallow focus requires more samples if you want to avoid the noise in the out of focus areas.

    It is interesting to know that the out of focus area in front of your POF ( point of focus) is shorter than the one behind your POF. And that the further away from the camera your point of focus is, the wider the focused area will be.

    You can get bokeh in Studio ( the "circle" you get on out of focus highlights in photography like in night urban photography ) but it will be perfectly round as if you were using an 11-blade iris lens. I tried to emulate custom bokeh with no success.

    I'm trying not to be too technical here so I hope I'm making sense somehow :)

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    thanks ! joelegecko

    I downloaded it now.

    I will read your guide more carefully and try them.

    yes,,if you were too technical, my brain may exprode.
    I do not have tecnical knowledge about camera and 3D ^^;

    so it must be useful your kind guidance for me.

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    We are currently running a contest for new users, in the New Users Contest area, which is all about DOF, and has many mini tuts, demos and hints and tips.

    Even if you don't wish to join in the contest you may find the WIP thread helpful

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