Is there any fracture plugin for Carrara?

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Is there any fracture plugin for Carrara?
Carrara's explode deformer don't have any thickness option.
It's ONLY flat...

the video link below is made with xplode plugin for Cinema4D.

How to make this effect scene in Carrara?
Is it impossible to make in simple steps?

I asked the question about it two years ago but I don't find out an answer until now.

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    No there is'nt at this time but i sure as hell would like to see one.........CALLING ALL PLUG-IN DEVELOPERS ! ! !

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    You could use the Explode modifier instead.

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    mmmm you could do an explode,
    save file
    export it as it starts to break up as an obj
    reimport it, add thickness in the vertex room
    run a physics sim
    convert to keyframes shift it all to the point you exported the explode along the timeline
    merge the original scene
    untick visibility on the keyframed physics sim thickness added exploded obj
    at the at the point of fracture untick visibility on the exploding object and tick viibility on the keyframed physics sim one
    I am,
    and too cold to get out of bed and try it!

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    Lightwave just added this feature - it's very cool!

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    dbuchter said:
    Lightwave just added this feature - it's very cool! was one of the reasons that I bought LightWave. Still learning how to use it effectively; but I can hardly wait to play with some fracture/Bullet animations.

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    The descrption of Pycloid has a few words that sounds like what you want., but the example animations try to show another effect, erosion.
    I have no Pycloid skills yet, not sure if it does what you want:

    PyCloid is an enhanced particle emitter. Two modes : - standard mode : particle emission from a point or an object surface - deformer mode : the facets of a mesh are converted to particles to simulate object destruction

    Emission can be controlled by a shader to have variable particle density over the surface or achieve partial mesh destruction.

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    The not so fast way to do it:

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