Solved - Render artefacts with UberEnvironment 2

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I've seen the odd render artefact in a render before, but never quite so many as in this render (two variants from slightly different angles shown, plus a version without uberenv), anyone have any suggestions to what might be triggering it? Uberenvironment 2 is set to Indirect Lighting with Directional Shadow, lighting setup is three spots and a distant light, and the combination has been used a bunch of times for portrait shots without triggering this effect before

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    And if I drop Uberenv to Occlusion with directional shadows it works fine, hmm.

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    Aha, solved! I'd forgotten to change the lights from deep shadow map to raytraced. And after all that I prefer the Occlusion version to the IDL - typical!

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    Ehr, can you file a bug report and attach your scene? After all it was thought that transparent surfaces were necessary to cause that issue, yet neither the skin nor the shoes have transmaps, do they?

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