question about gohst bone and weight map

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I am confusing about gohst bones now. so I hope someone who had make clothing
and set gohst bones usually, please teach me.

I thought gohst bones can not be assigend face groups,
but they can apply weight map, so I can freely move the part
witch weight mapped by ghost bone.
but it is wrong?

1. I make new ghost bone eg test_ghost.

2. I did not change any gruoups. keep groups,
(face groups, node gruoups, and surface gropus)

so no poligon is assigned by the ghost bone.

3 I applyed (eg x rotation) weight map to the new ghost bone,

I check it by parameter tab, yes now weight mapped surface
can rotate with gohst bone.

4 but when I rotate another node,(which had been apply weight map
for x rotation)

the x rotate weight map had gone away and cleared off,
so I can not rotate the poligon by the node.

I understand if I apply weight map for some node which assigend face groups,
they remove weight map of the poligon which had been assigned another node.

and each rotation weight mapped covered all the figure surface , and each poligon
weight mapped by one node. that means I can rotate each poligon by only one node(bone)
(though poligons move with paretende node rotation too)

my qutesiton 1
gohst bone is same? if I weight mapped for gohst bone, another node weight map
uhas cleared? if it is turue, how to and for what purpose use gohst bone?

and if i want to make another move which is not ristricted other node movements
for the clothing ( which fit to the figure) I can only make morphs for them?
and morph is the only way to move the poligons of clothing free? (when clothing fit to the figure)


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    Ghost bones do work, and don't need to have groups assigned - however, you must remember that the total weights on a vertex must add up to 1, so if you fill a ghost bone's map with 1 it will wipe all other influences on the selected vertices. People are still learning how to make ghost bones work well in DS4 - as they took a while to really work out the best way to set them up in old-style rigging..

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    OK ,, so Richard , what I said is right? :blank:

    if I set weight map on the vertex 2.3,4, for gohst bone, I can not apply weight map for another bone.

    or If I set weight map on the vertex not full eg (half 0.5 weight) , I can weight map for another bone,
    but the sum must be under 0.5 value?

    (I can not cleary scale the value of weight map, ,,when just see on the ds 4.5,
    though the varue is memorized in dsf or duf,,)

    mmm,,, so I should study more how to move long dress parts,,

    I hope they remain weight map for the assigend node (if figure node move , the clothing parts can follow the node rotation)
    and I wanted to move the part more free by gohst bone,,, uuuu,,, I can not do it,,, can I ? TT) uuuu,,,,:shut:

    is there other good way to make the move for the triax weight clothing? (before I can use mover,,,)

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