broken file??

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i have a file in DS4.0 that suddenly decided not to render anymore.

it crashes DS, sometimes with no error msg, and sometimes with one simply saying it encountered an error.

the file worked great up untill it quit having done many renders along the way.

is there any way to repair something like this? I have about two days into the project that i'd hate to lose....



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    I assume the scene loads successfully. How much memory do you have, what's in the scene, and have your render settings changed?

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    the scene does indeed load successfully, although it seems a bit slow-- hard to tell as slow as DS is normally.

    I have 2gigs of memory... the scene is a Stonemason set, Mike4, MilDragon and a few props. I have not changed render settings.

    this file is 28,000k, and i see you heading for a question of available memory, but since last night, when I encountered this problem, I've rendered another DS file of 79,000k, so I don't feel this to be a memory problem.

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    You may be right, however render settings are now saved with the scene, so they could be very different from scene to scene. Also, a Stonemason set tends to have a high number of textures which without a doubt can eat much more memory than a much bigger scene file.

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    well.. i would think that textures and polys would be accounted for in the file size.....

    and this Stonemason set is probably the smallest of any he's ever done-- it's all snow, stone, and sky! I would be suprised if it had more than 5 textures.....

    but the fact that I can render files three times the size of this one is what disuades me from calling this a memory issue....

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