Sci Fi City In Carrara

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Still a WIP but I'm now starting to make real progress as I reduce models down to the bare minimum of polys. The scenes below use the Dystopia buildings, and various models from stonemason, plus others with my own edits.

I'm quite pleased with the flyover/road section which I reduced from 1400k to just 90k! (Original model was in 3ds format).

Future Traffic v0.3

Flythrough v0.27 of the "new city of London"


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    Very cool.

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    Hi Dartan how are you doing?

    Thanks man, I'm not far off uploading a more complex scene - complete with - dan dan daaaaaan - worm trains.

    In the movie they will be much longer, but I've spent the day getting low poly tunnels together, and i just had to set up a little scene.

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    Doing great - although that is mainly due to my lack of will to get out of the manual labor (stone mason/ landscape) industry. Gearing up, though, for an earlier cut-off time to the season to have a solid go towards getting Episode One well under way. I've contracted a large stone masonry job at the recording studio in exchange for studio time. Mind is buzzing with the undulating score of the soundtrack as the plot unfolds before me - all while happily tearing my poor upper body muscles to shreds as I madly lay the tons of stone in the season of heat. Chisel singing gleefully, diamond saw tearing all serenity from the ambient peace for miles around, all to go back and lift each one of those massive sheets of unforgiving solidity and sharp edges for the final level set. Roughly two gallons of ice water per day just to keep from passing out from over-excursion. Man I love what I do!

    My rock band has been making sure that I don't spoil myself with sleep, being booked for nearly every weekend. During the week - wake up at 3am, which is just about when I get home Sunday morning from a gig.

    Sure felt good to take a long weekend (first this year) just to open up Carrara once again and have some REAL fun! Now I'm beginning to ask myself why I took a siesta from Carrara to take up my hammer and chisel again - as opposed to my ingenious plan to do just the opposite this past spring! I guess old habits die hard, huh.

    Genesis is an exciting proposition for me - although it's still too far away from being able to fill the shoes of my main actors - I feel that it will be a huge boon for creatures and background folk (especially since auto fit has been made to work with Gen 3 & 4 clothing). Morphing female motion morphs into Genesis clothing on the fly is nearly out of the question compared to the simple tasks for previous generations - mainly because it reverts to the basic genesis shape whenever you try to tweak the mesh. Bah! Just leave it for the stand-ins and keep $$$ flowing to artists who keep cranking out Gen 4 products - as well as products that WILL allow me to use the almighty Genesis. Still no female hair to my liking except for a couple. But that's okay. Just makes all of my previous gen purchases hold that much more value, is all.

    Really glad to see you back on the scene. Due to the above - I've been nearly entirely absent since the new store/site. Kinda neat how much better the store and forums look now. Much better promo real estate for the products - nice. Maybe when I retire from the outdoor labor this year, I'll be able to hang it up for good? Pulling off a nice two-three week stone job to keep myself alive somewhere in the middle? Maybe.

    So... are you going to continue your saga or is the new project a whole new thing?

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