DS3 Want Fully Render BG pics And Render Animation in Preview mode

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It's not working because when you import a Backdrop

It looks pixelly. The only way to get it to look fully render like it is in the picture, is to Render the entire animation.

But i dont want to render it.

Cause I just want to do my animations in preview mode render.

Why did DAZ not make OpenGL to act like it acted in Poser 6. IN Poser 6 you would import a picture/or a render picture as a Backdrop and
it would look full quality. So you would be able to render a Preview mode animatioin with the background picture looking full quality.

But in DAZ you import a picture as a Backdrop and it looks Pixelated and not full quality.

And there's no way around it.

Cause also if you try to render your animation with Background transparency so that you can put together your Full render picture/render along with your animation USING Finalcut et c......To get transparency in your image series character animation( characters and no background)..the only way you can get transparency is to render FULL 3DDelight mode.

This is something that DAZ messed up because in prior versions of daz( Version 2 ), you could render in Prieview mode and it would have transparency. Now you can only get transparency if you do full 3D delight renders.

Anyways, some of us want to do quick animations and not do full renders,
so this is not fair that we can't have easy transparency

I"m Macos X, DAZ STudio 3

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    If your camera is staying stable over the entire animation, just render out to a png series with a blank background. That will give you a series of transparent images that you can lay over your static background. If there is camera movement I think it is easier to render out the entire sequence, but it would be possible to add a background in in After effects with motion tracking.

    I'm not sure that this is the answer you are looking for thought.

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