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chrbou2001chrbou2001 Posts: 108

It would be nice when it would be possible again that the site would warn us while ordering when we purchased content before!

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  • chrbou2001chrbou2001 Posts: 108
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    At this time we cannot see when a product was updated last time.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,588
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    Merged two threads together as they both relate to store features. The lack of a warning of prior purchases is a known issue, and one that DAZ hopes to fix.

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    I have to say I really don't like the way the new site works. I've bought and used a number of models from DAZ over the years. But a main attraction for me has always been the freebies. In the new site, there don't seem to be any free models. At least they're not easy to find. The old free archive also seems to have been removed. Also, it is not easy to see the general listing of all products and the "search within" feature is gone too. I wrote an article in a magazine recently, telling all the readers to use Now I fear I may have steared them in the wrong direction. I don't mean to be a pain. In fact I really like DAZ and all the great people here. But I'm having a hard time coping with these losses. Please tell me there are fixes on the way!

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    I miss the themes from the previous website, this light gray background is a bit too bright for my preferences.

    Also I REALLY miss the PC only / Mac only option for the downloads.

    Hmm... that's it for now. I may add more nitpicks later.

  • Dream CutterDream Cutter Posts: 1,215
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    What are the benefits of the improved DAZ store?

    What does it (supposed) do better (than the old store) for the customers and /or the vendors?

  • BelladzinesBelladzines Posts: 247
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    What i would love to see in the Itemized history - is a search option ... you know the name of the product you've bought before and are looking to reset it so you can download it again - and not have to go thru 50 pages of alphabetised order history ..... and yeah the pc/mac separation option would be great too .... and the white background gives me migraines...... i prefer dark colors :)

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    No kidding. This is terrible. Nothing but problems for me. I've got 87 (down to 17 pages with 50 per page) pages to wade through to find the stuff I am trying to reset to see if I can download something I was billed for last week and not able to download (ticket still active). Long enough for the downloads to expire. Or whatever it is now. There is a tutorial for a spreadsheet. I shouldn't need to use a spreadsheet.

    VERY VERY VERY unhappy with the 'new and improved website'.

    Does anyone actually like it?

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