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    MN-150374 said:
    The test sphere thingy is required if you want to do my walkthrough. :-)
    It is available in the LuxRender Forum: http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5527&p=94439&hilit=luxball#p94439

    The DG Shader Essentials One are next on my list. :) You do not have them (I do, and in time may be able to test them in time), or You didn't think or plan on testing them in Luxus? Just asking, nothing more.

    @DestinysGarden: Excellent work! ;-)


    While Going threw a quick inventory of what I just got today, and found a surprise already.
    Beau for Stephanie 6, I thought that was The Dress in the thumbnail :ohh: !? Guess not.
    And I was about to toss that in the outfits list, lol.

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    MN-150374 said:
    The test sphere thingy is required if you want to do my walkthrough. :-)
    It is available in the LuxRender Forum: http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5527&p=94439&hilit=luxball#p94439

    The DG Shader Essentials One are next on my list. :)

    You do not have them (I do, and in time may be able to test them in time), or You didn't think or plan on testing them in Luxus? Just asking, nothing more.

    Have them and working on it. I will upload some examples. There will be enough left to start your own series. ;-)

    As a preview, the Fabric Shaders Boucle2 and Chunky Knit. :-)

    Edit: Preview images removed. Final results are now in my Luxball Gallery.

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    That’s looking really good MN-150374. Hopefully in the next week or so, I'll get something passed from Daz Studio threw Luxus to LuxRender. In the mean time, there just seams to be a flood of distractions by other stuff that should be easy, lol.

    I was getting ready to play with a few new additions to my GIS sets, and ran into another aggravation with hair. This time with a style that appears to be what is in Cassia's Promos, and the lack of a way to get the hair over the ears as shown in the Cassia promo pics.

    The overall length down the back, and the forehead line looks about the same (If not spot on). Tho apparently some custom Actor slider voodoo is at work there, or "Aubree Hair" is NOT what was used. Grrrrr, lol.

    I could us that 'Goddess Hair' tho I'm not sure the provided morphs would work well, the forehead line is completely wrong, and the length in the back is way the hell to long.

    I could try the partial V4-to-G2F "Filosofy" Hair thing. Again the Forehead line is completely wrong. Also there is NO surviving adjusters on that Auto-fit, and “God Only Knows” where the color presets went.

    Next! “O” there isn't anything else close, :ohh:
    hmmm, looks like another adventure into Hexagon, and hoping that the hair rigging is not completely erased by the attempt. :-/
    I just looked threw the store again, there is NOTHING for Genesis2 or Genesis anything close to that Cassia style. If it is not "Aubree Hair", it dose not exist.

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    Now this is what I call kit-bashing. Not a shirt here and pants from there, a sing item made from a few different parts.

    Front and sides all made transparent (And no gloss/specular). The Widow's peak, and back is Aubree.
    Just to fill in the sides above the ears and the temples a bit. Set to black preset only.

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    I'm fairly certain the hair used in the Cassia promos is this one.

    But I love your kit bashing re-creation, and if you hadn't said it was two different hairs, I would not have known.

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    Perfect :cheese: . Thanks DestinysGarden .

    And this is why I avoid Poser content, if that blue skirt and FW Eve wasn't a clue “1 size doesn’t fit all”. :coolhmm:

    This is right on the edge of false advertising, as it only comes with a V4 variant of a “C”-whatever-the-letters-are. It must be loaded to Cassia via that Auto-fit thing, and some guess work of what it was originally for. Yes that did involve a Scull, a candle, and some other questionable items, lol.

    The adjusters to fix the overly high hairline (“O” my god, she's going "bald wizard"), are beyond gray-ed out, and near impossible to read. And I have no idea where the color presets are in the "Runtime" Content library.

    Why, Why, Why, can this stuff not be put in the Daz folders when it is advertised as such, instead of leaving it completely in that “Runtime” folder.

    Another distraction, It's time to FIX that. Stat!

    Exporting Poser Exclusive items, and saving them as Daz Studio Products in there proper Daz Studio content library folders, as actual DUF files, with actual Metadata. 101. If for nothing else, then to save what little bit of sanity I have left after my travel threw the valley of the shadow of the 'Poser Content Labyrinth'. :lol:

    OK, Cassia dose look really good like that. :coolsmile: Time to save that thing as a DUF, and to take lots of screen-caps.
    For Hair, we've already been there and got the proper metadata in.
    For this to be a proper G2F duf, It should be done on G2F without any morphs applied to G2F.

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    As for saving the 'Figure Support Asset' aside from the product name, my name I didn't care to change this time, and the other data...
    Same steps as before.
    The Proper path by the way is that "Hair" folder under G2F, not the other path. That was a mistake, as I thought I needed to save the DUF thing twice (once for the support asset, then as a wearable). oops.

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    Now adding the metadata, so when the 'Material Presets' are saved for the colors, they (hopefully) will appear in the smart tab, when the hair is selected in the scene tab. The steps above for the 'Product name' and 'Item name' play a part in that as well.

    After doing this, the style should finally appear in the smart tab under 'Hair'. Now we go and load each poser color preset onto the hair, and save the 'Support Material Preset' for that.

    I may be missing a step with the metadate, as I can't get the material presets to 'link up' to the hair using this editor on them. I need to tinker allot more I guess. At least the hair is NOW in DUF format, and in the smart tab.

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    "O" as I go over my notes from making Wachiwi shoe color presets. It may be easiest to open the content library to the one path to load the color presets, and use the "File -> Save As -> Material Preset" to save the DUF color presets in the other path.
    Yes, this should be working (for the default color one), I'm missing a step somewhere.

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    And on that note, This is what happens when you just expect a Poser color preset to work flawlessly in Daz Studio. The kinked geometry is not giving me allot of confidence either (That may just be a Mesh Smoothing issue). "O" there is NO mesh smoothing options at all, not good.

    Looks like I still need to send the thing to hex to fix the kinks, then back to studio. Then re-rig the thing to be 100% G2F complaint, and then I still need to make a set of Daz Studio Shaders for the thing.
    :blank: How much are they paying me to do all that work, nothing!? lol.

    I still need to figure out that color preset thing for the Filosofy Hair. However this is as good as Cassia is going to look, till something much better appears (or I decide to give a ...). I have to much to be doing to be voluntarily fixing products for some one else, especially when I paid for the thing, lol.

    Still, not bad for something that is NOT a Daz Studio item. The "Give-a-meter" is not completely at zero, just not high enough for me to go without sleep over all of this, lol. Zzzzzzzz.

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    corner pull down of scene tab, edit-geomerty-add smoothing modifier

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    Thank you Fisty and DestinysGarden. I needed some shuteye before looking at this again.

    I had thought about that Prop-to-TriAx(tm) mesh thing covered in adding bones to something, tho I was unsure what it would do to the preexisting rigging. That add mesh smoothing sounds much better.

    Also I have yet to look at the shader settings for the hair color presets, tho I suspect that can be improved. I have a few other older styles that appear like that, that would benefit from shader adjustments.

    Kind of a convoluted Menu Screen-cap from the scene tab thingy. It is also in the top menu, tho I'm not sure what one would be best for hair that is already rigged (Object, or Figure).

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    Well, well. I think we have seen something like this before Fisty, lol.
    In any case, the Mesh smoothing has made some improvements, tho the difference in shape from V4 to G2F, is just to extreme for the poly mesh to smoothly flow on the neck. Still, better.

    I'm going to try that TriAx(tm) mesh thing, if it is available, and see if some other smoothing can be done to fix that kink, and the folded geometry. As long as I don't need to completely re-rig the thing, I'll be happy.

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    A geometric-puzzle from hell, lol. Why I have not been doing any Daz3d stuff the past few days.

    Wen a computer gets upgraded beyond the norm of crunch-ability and Sheer Power, The power distribution system must be built to match the demands put on it.

    Years ago, I had completely made a custom Power harness to keep the computer out of my radios and recording equipment. None of the boards back then used the 5v-standby rail for anything other then the power switch. So I simply ignored that to keep my life simple and easy.

    Months ago, I ditched XP for Windows7 for Daz3D. The new OS needed a new Motherboard, CPU, and a ton of new RAM. To my complete disappointment, the USB ports now get there power from the Standby rail instead of the much more solid regular 5V rail.

    I didn't have the funds to get ALL the ram the board could handle, so OSWATT lingered in the state you see in the attached pic. Side panel off, two hard drive racks and the controller card sitting off to the side, and noises coming from my recording equipment (Apparently from something in the Motherboard).

    Now that I just got all 32GB of RAM in this beast, it is time to fix that noise, and put the computer back together. The RAM arrived last Thursday, and I've spent the past few days taking measurements and testing the hardware (to make sure the PSU and cooling system could handle the load placed on it).

    Oddly, the only place I'm measuring any kind of fluctuation at all, is on the 5V coming out of the USB ports (And ALL the other ports back there with 5V)??? Still, I'm going to do something with that massive PSU plug that I have ignored in the past. It's just a matter of figuring out how to squeeze it all into that wad of wire. And I have got to figure out what to do to the USB ports to fix them.
    (EDIT, replaced pic with better angle of the "opportunity". Measure many times, cut once.)

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    Progress finally. :coolsmile:
    That full 32GB of ram checks out, and the computer is coming together nicely. I got that noise out of my sound system using power from elsewhere, and the tinkering with the air guides are getting better.

    I'm still not confident with the CPU V-reg heat-sink, as it is facing the wrong way to get any airflow, without folding the airflow over on it's self. lol.

    Yea, the computer is not exactly photogenic with all that hot-glue, bits of 'Fomies', and solid-core-wire all over the place. It's a work in progress with the new motherboard layout, that differs considerably from the old “A8N-E”.

    It has been a long few days, and I still have a few things to experiment with on the bottom half of the motherboard. Combining Air-guide befalls with Sound diffuser concepts.

    By the way, All that soot and junk on that former 'White' fan, is why you should NEVER start smoking. The fan is quite old, and because I could not locate another 120mm Thermaltake “A2029” with external thermal sensor, that vintage 2005 SilverStone "FM121" fan got dragged out of the Mothball Fleet and Recommissioned.

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    A slight status update as I work on my first cup of coffee.
    "AElflaed's Fancy - Shaders" is out! :-)
    The only difference from the Promo in the store, and the one uploaded to my Deviant Art page, As far as the outfit is concerned, was the render size (one at 1000x1300, the other at 2000x2600).

    "O" slight note on the Hair. 'Goddess Hair' dose NOT come with a morph to get the hair over the ears like that. Fisty had made that custom morph for that promo, explicitly for Wachiwi's head shape2.

    Yesterday I fired up Daz Studio to further test the thermal stability of the CPU V-reg. Mostly for building up my confidence.
    The subject I chose to look at, was my failed attempt of using the morph packs to make someone resembling a South American person. I gave up on the nose and chin months ago, as the 'nostril flesh' shape just is not in any morph pack, and the chin has more of a subtle dimple then an all-out clef. Originally I had resorted to using XYZ scaling on the individual bones, to get the body shape, tho that made using that "Zero Pose" option unusable.

    I figured I'd try using the morphs again, and combine some other figures to try to get the shape. close tho no cigar, and the body size is just way off. Original G2F7W left, new attempt right. At best, it is still a 'work in progress'.

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    Beautiful work with the promo image, ZDG! I had admired it this morning as I was drooling at the gorgeous shaders but thought it had been created by Fisty. My apologies, I found the hidden message in the render. :)

    Your model looks great and you certainly did those shaders justice with the beautiful outfit. (The product hit my wishlist immediately, waiting for better times.)

    I really should get myself to DA sometime and then I won't have to unravel such mysteries...

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    AElflaed's Fancy - Shaders...
    Here is two other tests I had done. Randomly selected outfits, with the shaders put on them. That's how that Promo started out by the way. These never made it out of the ZDG test chamber, lol.

    Gogo all regular render, Phoebe with "Progressive Scan" Render.
    Thanks Jindi. "DA"? I really should check the thread more often before clicking the "Submit" button, lol.

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    They sure do look lovely. Question...what is progressive scan and how do you enable it?

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    The screen-cap was from, just before abandoning the Wachiwi Hair in favor for 'Goddess Hair'. There was a kink near the neck That I could not get rid of, even using a D-form on it.

    Arrow pointing at the 'Progressive Scan' mode switch. It is great for test renders, Especially for setting up lights.

    The quality is not the same as "Normal Render" mode, tho it is sufficient for setting up allot of things.

    A word of caution for users and PA's. Allot of HD (and non-HD) skin shaders have a considerable 'Face-Plant' time before it actually starts rendering. I often opt for the 'Alt Shader' if it is available, and rarely revert back to the regular shader for people.
    I went into considerable testing in that thread over that issue with some figures.
    Replaced pic with slightly more explanation of what settings apply when using Progressive mode. It is excellent when using the "Spot Render" used in this example.

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    Ah, thank you. I had progressive rendering on, I've been using it a while but forgot what it was called. But I didn't know which settings affect it so your screen-cap was useful.

    It looks like there's some good info in the thread you linked to so I'll also take some time to read and absorb that too.

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    Aelflaed's Fancy - Shaders

    Well, as mentioned in one of the promo pics, there is a lot of options for this shader. Now granted I did test most of them in spreads of vases during the testing, I did not play with all of the possibilities on actual outfits.

    Just to give an idea, there is eight different types of cloth and leather. Each of them has many color presets. And to top it off, they also come with some options to adjust things like bump strength, Velvet effect, etc. The Sheer cloths have settings to adjust the opacity of the cloth, The metallic have settings for ray-trace or Mapped, etc.

    "O" and that 'Tiling' preset is just a simple way to set the tiling on the cloth/surface as you work. The other way in the Surface pain is still there and works if needed.

    So for tonight, as I play with putting these on different outfits, Here is a few screen-caps showing where the shader ends up, and the different options for each of the cloth styles. What is not shown in these screen-caps, is the myriad of color options for each of them.

    You will simply have to buy the shader and check out all the colors yourself. :coolsmile:
    Some of the vases are white with nothing on them from the testing. Well, I'm going to play now, enjoy y'all.

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    Very nice promo image...congratulations on getting "published!" The shaders look awesome...I'll definitely have to pick those up.

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    What can I say, you convinced me! It looked such a fun set with all those options, I'd been considering it even before this final teaser, so I went ahead and got it.

    I rarely buy new releases these days, but even though I like to make my own shader presets too you just can't have too many of them, right? And they're by Fisty, enough said. :) The fact that they are a merchant resource was the cherry on the cake.

    But that's it, no more spending this month... ZDG and Fisty together persuaded the last of my store credit to fly home to DAZ. ;)

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    I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the shadrs, especially if your not afraid to dive into swapping maps and stuff Jindi. Something I have yet to even look at. I spent the last of my 'play' funds on that hair for cassia, that I still need to finish converting to Studio.

    I'm sorry for the late reply Scott and Jindi. I've been grappling with a new set I picked up the beginning of the month (I got allot of stuff I've yet to look at). What a re-learning experience I may add. Some lights wipe out ALL other lights when there 'Merged' into the scene, and I had to redo the set a few times last night.

    Also, I ended up completely messing up the mirror and window, just trying to figure out why the sky-dome was visible in the window and not the mirror. That ended up another start from scratch episode, lol. Not just “Visible in render”, “Ray-trace” must also be turned on on the Sky-dome.

    And then to top it off, a dress that could have been perfect for Cassia, reared a nasty surprise the instant I attempted to pose her. That is a dress that is a perfect example of just why Dynamic is far superior to Conforming when it comes to long lengths of hanging cloth. This particular dress has bones that do nothing, and the movement morphs appear to be rather incomplete in this case. Point being, Conforming cloths must, MUST, have morphs that account for every possible movement a figure could possibly make, IF it is not genuinely Dynamic with a true 'Drape' function. So with that, I am looking at the shader on the outfits, NOT the outfits them selves. The outfit was free, thus the phrase is “I'm sorry, did you miss the caring face”.

    Now, for the Other stuff... Wow do I have a lot of notes from this set.
    UE2 from my light set vs the UE2 included with the sky-dome that was set to a “Sample Rate” way to high for any descent quality on the skin. Had to drop that to '4' from the default 32.

    Lights behind the mirrors, yes mirrors really do reflect light from lights in the real world, unlike in 3delight. Set the “Cast Shadows” to off on the mirrors, then placed an “Omni Uber Area Light” (Uber Panel) between the mirror and wall.

    Point lights instead of the DzSpotlights. The set has six light fixtures on the ceiling, and for the most realistic lighting possible, the light in the room should be coming from them, and from outside the windows as well. The “Dusk to Dawn” Sky-dome takes care of light from outside, leaving just the light from the fixtures in the room.

    I wasted an hour yesterday trying to make that dress work, and the rest of yesterday fussing with the light levels. And the lights are still not perfect, good enough to show off the shaders for now. The example attached was from fussing with the UE2, before the scene was wiped out by the other lights on the ceiling.

    “Silver and Black”, Maeki, Gsuit2, Ghawazee (Wrap?), E&J "Lady Edwina Jewels". FW Eve, Gsuit2, Spring Green (top), Dynamic Circle Skirt, etc. I'll revisit these outfits with the other GIS sets I just got this month. Need more coffee, enjoy y'all.

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    Dance Class, another “AElflaed's Fancy – Shaders” example.
    left to right.


    shews http://www.daz3d.com/memories-of-summer-for-genesis-2-female-s
    ArmWraps http://www.daz3d.com/g-suit-2-hd

    top http://www.daz3d.com/ghawazee-coat-for-genesis-2-female-s
    lace top http://www.daz3d.com/hot-mess-outfit-for-genesis-2-female-s
    skirt http://www.daz3d.com/ladybug-outfit-for-genesis-2-female-s
    legs http://www.daz3d.com/evaleene-outfit-for-genesis-2-female-s
    socks shews http://www.daz3d.com/cheerleader-for-genesis-2-female-s

    ZDG hair-bash.
    The Artemesia Gown for Genesis 2 Female(s)??? (x-mass freebee)
    Patchwork Shoes 1 (top) and 2 (soul)

    leotard http://www.daz3d.com/g-suit-2-hd
    tutu http://www.daz3d.com/rawr-outfit
    Ballet Slippers http://www.daz3d.com/ballerina-outfit-for-genesis-2-female-s
    (EDIT, added second less over exposed render)

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    I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the shadrs, especially if your not afraid to dive into swapping maps and stuff Jindi. Something I have yet to even look at. I spent the last of my 'play' funds on that hair for cassia, that I still need to finish converting to Studio.

    I've had a bit of a play now with Fisty's shaders and can safely say that I am delighted with them. I still enjoy all my older Fabricator ones but these add some new variety. One thing I really like about the AElflaed ones (tricky name to get right though) is how classy the colour combination are. I think these are going to see a lot of use.

    I like the Dance Studio image with all those different styles and variety, and thank you for not having anyone 'en pointe' (up on her toe) without proper dance shoes. I don't dance but it always makes me cringe to see that... LOL. That ladybug skirt is so cute and looks great retextured, I need to get that outfit some time.

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    Alf-Led (led around by little furry aliens.. am I showing my age?) =) At least that's how I've always said it.. technically it's Alf-Lad. "Æ" is the Old English letter called Ash and pronounced like lower case A is now. I couldn't call it Ælflæd's Fancy 'cause then no one would be able to search for it.

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    ugh, end-point shoes, I need to go over that list again. I do sometimes jokingly use Wachiwi's moccasins, lol.
    Came with http://www.daz3d.com/ballerina-bundle

    That skirt came with "Belle 6 Pro". The bundle had allot of good looking outfits, that I've yet to unwrap.

    Fisty, I can't spell to begin with, so it would not mater how it is spelled, I just butcher it completely when I go for the link, lol. I just search for "Fisty" instead, and go there from the Fisty product catalog. :red:

    I'm glad the render is admired, even tho it is quite lopsided in the lighting including the overexposed floor. I've been fussing with the lights this entire time, and will upload a better adjusted light render. Hopefully the render will be ready when I get up (end of my day here). Two last bump maps to upload, let this comp render away, and I'm off for some shut-eye.
    Ok, link added, thanks for the feedback y'all. I'm off for bed, chat later. :coolsmile:

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    Ah, my AElflaed remark wasn't a dig at anyone except myself, because I had to triple check I was spelling it right. Mediaeval English is not a strong point of mine (even if I reserve the right to spell Mediaeval the old-fashioned way because I miss seeing it written like that). :)

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