Wendy Cats!! Or anyone that may know about the compatibility of the Facen gen plug in and DS4.5

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I know you are a fellow facegen user. Are you using studio 4.5 and is facen gen compatible with it? Anyone else know the answer please feel free to reply cheers!

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    yes and yes,
    and also because it is not a actual studio plugin and just creates morph targets that are read via the parameters I can and do just use it in Carrara too without opening studio to get metadata like I have to with smart content I install.
    things like GenX that do not work, require studio open to run them, they use studio's interface, facegen does not.
    I just reinstalled DS4.5RC the other day and it works fine.

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    Spectacularge! Thanks Wendy! I have been a Reality/ Lux user since late feb so i gotta wait a bit

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