NO JOY Downloading to Mountain lion

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I have tried every thing i know to get carrara 8.1 pro installed on my new MACPRO then the 8.5 beta along with its CONTENT!! WTF? SO I even tried to download the 64 bit MAC intel version on my PPC old G5 THEN transfer it all to my new machine! and this is what I get! SEE IMAGE!


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    Richard, you really should get into the habit of ACTUALLY READING THE ERROR MESSAGES YOU GET. They tend to give a hint of what's wrong.

    So in this case you would have, if you had read the message in your screenshot, found out that it is not the download that's the problem but your computer's security settings. It says so RIGHT THERE!

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    Well its was late and I was half a bottle of segrum 7 into it... BUT Now i have another issue! I got Carrara 8.1 pro installed, I have my Ser number and I am putting my name and set number in just like its set up for my older g5 and this is what I get.... I am not usrre if this is an issue on the carrara end or Mountain lion side!?

    Also when trying to install carrara 8 native content what is the correct location to put it in?

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