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I'm quite new with DAZ and I want to know:

Is there a way to operate more with the keyboard? I tried to walk trough the Parameters or other tabs by clicking e.g. the tab key, but that didn't work.
So I always have to grab the mouse and back to the keyboard?
Are there specials Key combinations to reduce the mouse operations? I found the shortcuts - is that all?

Thanks a lot,



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    Hey Alex:

    By default there are only a rudimentary set of keystroke(s) set up in DS, but if you click on Edit > Customize (F3), there's a 2 column list and the one on the left is called "Actions". I believe if you scroll down to the Tabs list and expand it by clicking on the "+" sign, you could choose each of the tabs you want to set up keystrokes for and assign them near the bottom of the list. I haven't don't this for DS, but have done it in other software apps (not necessarily 3D apps), and you need to be aware that if you assign a key combo that it "might" already be in use for something else. Since DS's list of keystroke combos is fairly short, however, you shouldn't run into that problem.

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    Thx Miss B,

    I'm glad to read that. :-)
    I know how to do this in Adobe- so I guess this will make it much easier, and the workflow faster. ;)

    Great idea - thanks a lot.

    BTW: Do you a way, to select more than one frame in the timeline ( e.g. to 'delete' them, or to give parameters for all of them) and not to click on every single frame?



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    Sorry Alex, I don't do animation in DS, so haven't a clue how to manipulate individual frames. Maybe someone else will drop in and answer that for you. If not, start another thread with that question and see what response(s) you get.

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    thank you for your effort ;)

    I guess it will be the best idea to open a new thread - the headline of this one doesn't say anything about this question.

    What do you use for animation?

    At present I'm stabbing in the dark with IClone, Poser 3dsMax and of course DAZ.
    Do you have a recommandation? ;)

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