Carrara Beta Now Available for Download

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CARRARA is the latest Beta Build!

We are making this build available for $0.00 as a store item CARRARA Beta You can run the production build of Carrara 8.1 side by side with this Beta build. Just don't uninstall 8.1 version when you install this beta release.

The purpose of providing this build is for you to see the progress we are making, see how Genesis looks in Carrara, see the new features we've added and provide input on the changes. You can also see the list of bug fixes below. This list identifies issues that were logged in the bug tracker and highlights many of the other fixes in this build.

New in Carrara 8.5:
1. Support for imported Genesis DSF, DUF (best used with DAZ Studio 4.5 RC 3 installed).
2. Character presets can be applied. Go to the Instance Tab, select the 2nd Genesis listed in the tree or the Actor line, and double click the character from the list. If the one of these items is not selected, an additional figure will be loaded with that character applied.
3. New Parameters Pane and user experience
4. Carrara 8.5 Parameter Pane. If you are familiar with the Parameters Tab (with the Genesis figure) in DAZ Studio 4, the equivalent to Carrara 8.5 is the Parameter Pane which is accessed by selecting the second Genesis from the list.
5. Shaping in Parameters Pane. If you are familiar with the Shaping Tab in DAZ Studio 4, the equivalent for Carrara 8.5 can be accessed by selecting the Actor line from the tree in the Instance Pane.
6. Content Management System or CMS connection to utilize the DAZ Studio database (requires DAZ Studio or newer recommended to be installed). We are looking into a project to install the CMS for Carrara without the need of DAZ Studio. So for the Carrara customers not using DAZ Studio they can still take advantage of the new system. More information will be coming.
7. AutoFit is included in Carrara 8.5
8. Fit To (auto generates Genesis morphs) for Genesis designed clothing
9. Restore Figure tools
10. Memorize tools
11. Zero Figure tools
12. Smart Content Tab (shows all the content with meta data organized similarly to DAZ Studio's Smart Content Tab)
13. New SubD / Smoothing tool (display the smoothing slider of smoothed vertex object in the assemble room)
14. Improved Bullet Physics for soft body simulation
15. aniBlock importer has been updated and fixed for Carrara 8.5
16. Mac OSX Lion support has been implemented
17. Geo grafting has been implemented and we continue to work on this feature
18. New Light Icons to better represent the lights, the controls have also been improved.
19. DUF Files from DAZ Studio are now supported in Carrara 8.5

If you are seeing issues please log the bugs in the bug tracker: DAZ BUG Tracker

Changes since the last beta build include:
Browser : Fixed : Fixed crash at exit
Carrara : Fixed #0046823 : Added more decimals to the value shader
Carrara : Fixed #0046989 : Fixed default scene settings when importing a syncar file
Carrara : Fixed #0047073 : Fixed crash with data components
Carrara : Fixed #0047180 : Fixed transform saving issue
Carrara : Fixed #0047156 : Fixed issue with NLA where modifiers are not always in synch
Carrara : Fixed #0044751 : Fixed volumetric rendering alpha issue
Carrara : Fixed : Fixed crash in shading room
Carrara : Fixed #0044751 : Fixed volumetric rendering alpha issue
Carrara : Fixed #0047338 : Fixed crash when saving car file
Carrara : Fixed #0047077 : Fixed active tool issue when open a component option dialog
Carrara : Fixed #0047210 : Fixed issue when in edit mode
Carrara : Fixed #0047341 : Fixed shortcut issue with mouse actions (on Windows)
Carrara : Fixed #0047163 : Fixed image format selection issue in exporters
CR2Importer : Fixed #0047152 : Fixed crash when loading cr2 file into an existing scene
DSF : Fixed #0046799 : Fixed DSF loading problem (M5 genitalia)
DSF : Fixed #0046990 : Fixed skinning issue with some legacy content
DSF : Fixed #0047096 : Fixed crash when refreshing the smart content
DSF : Fixed #0046022 : Fixed dsf pose/preset import when the figure geometry node has children
DSF : Fixed : Fixed light and camera size issues
DSF : Fixed #0047129 : Removed automatically added folder to the content browser
Mimic : fixed #46995 : add genesis.dmc to config files
Mimic : Fixed #0047209 : Fixed text file issue when the user does not have write access to the file
Obj Importer : Fixed : Added support for the alpha and alpha maps
Obj Importer : Fixed : Fixed problem when a material has both color/value and a texture map
Obj Importer : Fixed : Added support for bump amplitude extension (Km) used by Studio
Particles : Fixed #0047016 : Redesigned the UI to make the create instance button clearer

What you need to know about this build:

1. If you get a Duplicate ID error, please reset your download for the content and try reinstalling. If the issue persists please place it in the Content Project of the bug tracker ( as we believe we have fixed all of those.
2. Pz2 material Presets do work on Genesis and Triax Content, to include content that has been auto-fit to Genesis now.
3. PZ2 Poses do apply to Genesis
4. DAZ Studio minimum, (4.5 RC3 recommended) must be installed prior to running Carrara 8.5 in order to use Genesis or the Smart Content Tab.
5. If new content with meta data is installed, DAZ Studio will need to be started in order to get the smart content into the CMS database.
6. V4/M4/K4 shaders will not work on Genesis and will have to be manually built.
7. Our development team is working on the tools to transfer data from DAZ Studio 4 to Carrara using our new file format.
8. Included Tree presets may not look the same as they did in Carrara 7, we are looking into this currently.
9. Adding IK to genesis works correctly and as expected, Genesis doesn't load with IK. (In either DS or Carrara)
10. Mimic fixes have been implemented for Gen 4 and earlier.
11. Mimic and Mimic Pro for Genesis is fixed and will be made available to those who have purchases this.
12. Plugins for the previous builds of 8.0 are expected to work with this version.
13. The CMS service is not embedded in this installer. You will need to have installed DS 4.5 RC3 to be able to use that functionality.

How do I get this updated Beta Build of Carrara 8.5?
Carrara Beta

To register the Carrara 8.5 Beta you will need to use the serial code listed here: CDZCPRO-085-0000018-ZWM-001-EBTOMDO (Expires 12/1/2012)

About Mimic Pro and this build:
If you own Mimic Pro and want to start using it with Genesis, you'll need to download a build just for Carrara You will NOT want to use this with your 8.1 build of Carrara. It won't work with both builds. However, if you install the new version in a different location, you can continue to have both versions on your machine. The same serial number will continue to work for both builds. The DMC files are also included in this new version of Mimic Pro and will work with Genesis.

To see many of the new features and read the latest news on Carrara 8.5 visit CarraraCafe

You can follow this forum topic in the CARRARA Discussion Forum found here: Carrara Beta Now Available for Download

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    Are there any plans for a bridge to DS4 like in Bryce or Hexagon? I think that would complete the graphic suite.

  • DAZ_bfurnerDAZ_bfurner Posts: 63
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    Are there any plans for a bridge to DS4 like in Bryce or Hexagon? I think that would complete the graphic suite.

    What specifically are you looking for?

  • RCTSpankyRCTSpanky Posts: 761
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    A button like in DS for Hex or Bryce where i can transfer a complete scene from DS to Carrara.

  • DAZ_bfurnerDAZ_bfurner Posts: 63
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    A button like in DS for Hex or Bryce where i can transfer a complete scene from DS to Carrara.

    The idea with DAZ Studio 4.5 and Carrara 8.5 is to share the .DSON files, which will support the content from one to the other. However, it will be limited from Carrara to DAZ Studio to the items that are supported in DAZ Studio. Also shaders are handled somewhat differently. So shortly you will have many of the abilities you have been wanting.

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 13,966
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    Yo Daz Devs,
    I was a huge fan of C6 Pro.
    C7 Pro made this even hugerer. You know... much biggester.
    C8 Pro, with its full 64 bit and all other extra tools and features... Oooooooooh Yeaaaaaaah!

    But now we get into this whole beta 8.5 thing. I've tried all of the beta releases except for that early one that used the same preferences file... and I have to say that I am impressed.

    See, Carrara is my world. It's the only all-encompassing film studio, complete with modeler, landscape primitives, ocean and fire primitives, cloud primitives, skies, etc., etc., with the incredible animation capabilities, stunning lighting and The Fastest Raytracing Render Engine on the Planet!

    Anyways... I'm always in Carrara. Throughout this beta period, I've never stopped using the beta to go back to the previous official release - and this release is no different. I'm plugging away ay my endeavors and noticing little fixes, major fixes and all along the way, it's still Carrara... which is very important to me - thanks for that!

    I've always wished that the dynamic hair worked really well. I've tried it a few times and gave up. My buddy, NASSOS, from the forum explained that I just didn't find my 'happy' settings yet. His bear (from his movie) is covered with Carrara Dynamic Hair. So now I'm experimenting with various hair settings along with what I've learned from the 'Advanced Carrara Techniques' DVD set and I'm really starting to find my own sweet spots, depending upon the action in the scene. I am amazed at how real the hair looks. Nothing else even compares - and I'm a big fan of many of the conforming hair products.

    The new interface enhancements which (I believe) came as a by-product of making Carrara 'Genesis Friendly' make the entire range of 'Zeroing' Figures, Poses, Etc., much faster and organized - I love it. Genesis in Carrara is awesome. Admittedly, I've been focusing on stuff that doesn't yet involve Genesis - but I can't help but play with it from time to time. Again... genius! The technology behind this figure is simply incredible. I can't wait to get Genesis into my production in many various shapes and forms - I've already designed a very cool race of Orc that are over seven feet tall, sleek and dextrous, and are lightning fast with enormous strength - very scary beasties!

    I've also been messing around a bit with the model rooms with great success. My time is so limited that I consider Daz3d as my asset design/construction/texture team. Costs peanuts and somebody here is always making something that I need, so it works great! But now and again, an artist just wants to model stuff - and Carrara has what it takes. The robes that my main character wears started off as a simple product that I bought from Daz3d. Now it has custom motion morphs built into it (thanks to me and Carrara!) that facilitates all sorts of animation jobs in a snap! I did the same with her conforming hair too, but now I'm hoping to replace that with Carrara dynamic hair... big improvement!

    How does anyone survive animation without Carrara? NLA clips are awesome!!! I make those for various body parts and combine them for all sorts of cool new animations set up in no time! The flexibility of the sequencer is also a real dream come true.

    Thanks you all and please, keep up the good work!

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 27,337
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    can it run on a pc with c7p?

    upgrading from ver7, there are a few temptations i would hope for in an upgrade:

    i often lose the production frame --- to be able to quickly and easily snap the production frame into view.
    searching for the production frame i often mess up my camera --- a quick and painless camera reset
    my figures get lost on terrains --- an easy way to use a terrain preset to be useful with v4/m4
    when i have more than one character in a scene, i can't tell which material ball belongs to who --- a right click over character feature to go directly to their shader
    lowering the horizon line doesn't work for me. i end up having to tilt the camera upwards --- a way to easily hide the horizon line

    and maybe make dynamic hair less memory intense


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  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 3,253
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    HI Misty Whisky :)

    can it run on a pc with c7p?

    Yes, it runs on both PC and MAC,. but it's not dependent on any other version.

    The Carrara 8.5 "beta" is a completely different program from carrara 7, or 8.. it's NOT an update, or an Upgrade to any previous version.
    It; installs to a "Carrara beta" folder , and has a separate preferences file,. so, whether you have a previous version of Carrara installed on your system, or not,.. makes no difference,.. this is a beta version,... for testing.

    i often lose the production frame

    Views / reset 2d pan
    Views / Zoom / 100%

    or,.. from the camera menu,.. set position to "reference" .

    searching for the production frame i often mess up my camera

    TIP :
    Use the "Directors camera" to look around your scene while you move objects around or scout for nice camera angles.
    You can save multiple camera positions,. then set your active camera "camera1" to any of those saved camera positions.

    my figures get lost on terrains—- an easy way to use a terrain preset to be useful with v4/m4

    The "Presets" for landscapes are normally scaled to a Large scale scene (Miles)
    You can create a medium scaled scene, (feet) and still add a big terrain, or several terrains and retain the camera movements of a medium scale (for working with human scaled figures) scene.

    when i have more than one character in a scene, i can’t tell which material ball belongs to who

    when you select a figure in your scene, or in the Scene "instance list",.. only the shaders applied to that figure will show up in the shader tab. can't see more than one global shader for a selected object.

    lowering the horizon line doesn’t work for me. i end up having to tilt the camera upwards

    Depending on your scene scale,... you'll need to adjust the height a large amount to see any real change in the distant horizon, but but does work.

    a way to easily hide the horizon line
    You could use a colour background, or you could also use an HDRI , or a different background image with a horizon you like.

    and maybe make dynamic hair less memory intense

    It's part of the complexity of dynamics that it requires a lot of calculation, but normally only when simulating the hair.
    While you're working on your scene,... you can make the dynamic hair invisible,. so it isn't being updated whenever you move something, and that can make life much easier.
    Just remember to make it visible again before you render.

    Hope it helps :)

  • KGKG Posts: 0
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    I became a DAZ customer because of Carrara, I was looking for a 3D tool and when I tried Carrara
    it made sense to me, it didn't have tons of unorganized icons and options everywhere, I found it easy
    to create poses and to edit textures, I'm waiting to see major improvements in the performance area, specially working
    in the editing room. You have a great product there, please make it perfect!

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