Where is the export option?

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Hey all, sorry to post a question for my first post!

I have just installed Daz Studio 4.0 Pro as I am needing a child model to import into another app for a picture I am working on.

All good, had a go at creating a figure and so on (a lot to learn) and I need to export it as an object file, fbx or collada of whatever really.

I note that in the plugins list there are exporter plugins for fbx,obj and so on and judging by my hunting on the internet all I need to do is go to the file menu and select export.

However, there is no export option at all in the file menu. I'm stumped. The version I have is the free v4 Pro that is freely downloadable - is there another version that has the export functions?

Appreciate any pointers, driving me nuts :)

Many thanks


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    Are you using version or 4.5? In export should be in the File menu; if it isn't, try Window > Layout and switch to another layout, as the most basic layout doesn't show all the options.

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    Thank you very much - the layout setting was it!!

    I have go the version.

    Thanks again :)


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