Am I the only one who has problems with daz zip files??

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ok.. on two seperate occasions several weeks ago i attempted to get a new download of some older files....

what i got was a non-working link to a zip file... basically a 'file not found' error.....

then yesterday, i ordered an item and got a zip file in my download page... so i downloaded it, and it worked! and i said to myself, well, they finally fixed it!

and then i tried to unzip the file. a corrupt zip. tried again. same result. re-downloaded the file, tried again, same result.

has anyone be able to receive and use a zip file from daz since the new shakeup??



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    Are you using IE8? There's a known issue with downloads using IE8 that they're working on, but in the interim you can use another browser just for the downloads.

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    good call!

    yes, i was using IE8... switched to FF and it worked perfectly!



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