Hello everybody, my name is Alan, aka MPHS Lab Rat

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I've been around since about 2005, but left in about 2008 because I never got the hang of 3-D anything. With the advent of 3-D TV & 3-D movies, though, my interest was piqued again. Like somebody said, "welcome to [my] latest addiction." I've been playing with Paint Shop Pro (mostly) and PhotoShop (a little) for a number of years; guess the computer graphics bug bit me somewhere along the way, but never spent a lot of time getting serious about it and spent a LOT of time admiring the work of talented others. That's probably going to be true for 3-D as well, but I'd really, really like to learn as much as I can. I work full time so don't have a lot of time to play. I was going to say I'm just an "old fart wannabe" but I see some other folks here just as old (62) or older than me so maybe, just maybe, if they can get good at it than so can I.

My main problem is that I'm like a dog chasing a car . . . what's he gonna do with it when he catches it??? Like, what am I going to do with 3-D art work even if I can get good at it (big IF)? I really don't have any great aspirations of being a great computer graphics artist or anything so . . . I dunno, it just looks like fun.

I'm sure people will be hearing from me in the beginners' help forum and hope they don't get tired of my dumb questions, LOL.

A BIG THANKS to Daz for the free DS4 - it looks like a fantastically detailed program that I'm sure took some great brains to create.



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    Welcome back then Alan, nice to meet you, I have no aspirations of being another Chris Foss, Frazetta etc but just to create in Daz what pops into my head from time to time :)

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    Welcome to the forums. If you need basic tip's I have this thread in the New Users Help Forums. DAZ Studio Basics 101 Just drop in any old time. Or just start a thread on anything you need to know. We have loads of helpful people here at Daz.

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    I want to third what they both said. ANd hey yes there are people here older than you. :red:

    There is also one guy who hangs out in the Freepository mostly, who make models, and has just celebrated his 83rd birthday.

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    LOL IanzThingz,

    Maybe that's my problem . . . I have no imagination!!!

    Thanks to everybody for the nice welcome. I haven't had a chance to play with the new DS4 yet, but hope to do some in the next day or so.


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    Welcome, youngun. Pull up a rocker next to mine and make yourself to home. I'm one of those older than you and so happy I can spend all day (and into the night) with my computer if I want.

    Jaderail's Basis 101 thread is great. Check it out (just ignore my ignorance).

    It's a great time to be in the DAZhood.

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    Welcome to the forums Alan. Like others have suggested there are many resources to help you along with pretty much anything. Join us in the New Users Start Here forums with any question you may have.

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    Thanks for the welcome AA & Frank. I've already checked out Jaderail's Basic 101 & think I'll be spending a lot of time there. I've been to YouTube and went through some of the videos there, so I'm starting to dip my little toe in the water. I was so happy last night when I went through the starter tutorial and was able to find and accomplish everything described. I was even able to recover from a couple of errors so I guess that's a good sign.

    AA, I'll be grabbing that chair in a bit. I'm not quite able (notice I said "able" and not "ready") to retire yet, but sure looking forward to it so I, like you, can spend as much time on the computer as I like. However, in this economy, I'll probably end up working until I drop dead!

    I sure do appreciate everybody's helpfulness and warmth here.

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    Welcome to the "Seniors" group here at DAZ. There are quite a number of members older than you here. I don't think you need to be young to have an imagination or have the ability to "put it to paper", or a computer screen if you will. I look forward to seeing some of your work in the near future. Do stop into the New Users forums for answers to your questions and to participate in the New Users monthly contests. :-)

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