Hello. Thank you for allowing me to have DAZ at no cost.

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I am older, disabled, with severe RA. I can't do what I used to do, paint 54mm miniatures, scale modeling, dioramas. I can't hold a paintbrush reliably anymore or use any of the tools I used to.

But I can use a mouse. This is like creating and painting again. I've missed that so much. I'm very happy being able to create something again.

I'm already budgeting for more purchases. My imagination of what I can do is far beyond the Default items :)

So, Here I am. Happy to have discovered this.

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    Welcome! What software are you starting with?

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    They have a thread in Art Studio Forum. I'm colored IMPRESSED. Welcome to the new addiction.

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    Welcome to Daz, standfast. You will find a lot of people here who can't paint or sculpt as they are used to doing, so they turn to 3d.

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    Welcome! What software are you starting with?

    Hi. I have DAZ Studio 4

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    Welcome to hobby if you modeled your going to want to dabble with Hexagon and Blender (free)

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    Hello and Welcome!! :) Lot s of great stuff here to inspire you, for sure!! Glad you could join us!
    You may be interested in the New Users Forum, here:

    Lots of helpful information and tips and tricks can be found in there and there is also a Contest Forum that's alot of fun, too!

    And while you wait for your budget, you may want to check out some of the wonderful freebies available. Signing up for the weekly newsletter ( you can check the box in your Control Panel under Subscriptions, I think) that will qualify you for a weekly freebie!! And there is a freebie section you don't want to miss out on in the store, too!

    Oh yeah... and the Freepository! A Place where members share freebies with the community:

    There.... I think that's most of the cool stuff I can think of right now... hee hee!

    Welcome Again! :)

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