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[LINKS] Maya's Balljoint Doll (BJD) Freebie list

KeryaKerya Posts: 9,206
edited May 2016 in Freebies

Wiki is here:


Inugraph's Collon
Jezebelich's Tex Set for BJD
Mininessie's Emma (textures only)for BJD
Seisui's BJD Texture
SickenlySweete's Sunflower Sue, FairyFloss, Choco, Acorn, Lily, Little Lillie, Raggedity Anne
stephaniebt's Mimi


Evilinnocence's L33T X-Mas for BJD
Maya's Santa Set
Seisui's Billowy Dress


Dynamic Clothes

Hisayan's Miko for BJD (Hisayan)

Clothing textures

Butterflies for the AliceDress she comes with
Dragonchild for BibOverall
Poserworld - not free
Fresh colours for the Bib Overalls
Poserworld - not free
Holiday textures for the AliceDress + Poses
SickenlySweete's Sunflower Sue, FairyFloss, Choco, Acorn, Lily, Raggedity Anne



OKPHair for BollJointDoll

Hair fits

Hair Refits Pak #1 - Uzuri Hair, Trolldoll hair, Jamie Hair, Ishoka hair, Razzle Dazzle, Nyoko Tails, Pixie Hair, Hiro Freehair, A3 free Bun
Hair Refits Pak #2 - Wavy Tress Morphing, Le Hair, Akashi Hair, Anime Flip, Rasta Style, Short Cut (Male), Roll Hair 1, Spiral Twintail, Bobhair1
Maya's Spiral Twin Tail


Holiday textures for the AliceDress + Poses
Wenke's 20 Poses for the Ball Joint Doll


Doll Stand for Maya's Ball Joint Doll
Maya's BJD Full MorphTarget for P4/DazStudio, BJD MD Head, BJD AD Head

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