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I know there must, and will be, be an easy answer to this but I am having a senior moment .
Is there a setting I need to convert so I can see the images in the Forums instead of HTML?

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    You might be logged out. Try loging in again.

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    Don't think that's it because we have to be logged in to post........don't we??

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    Can you post a link to a thread where you can't see the images please.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,356
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    Is this on the old forum? You do need to be logged in to see images, and currently no one can log in. However, if you copy the partial link from the HTML (postimages/ up to the extension, such as .jpg) and paste that after you will get a full URL that you can post in your browser's address bar to view the image.

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    Thank you RIchard! That was a BINGO moment of truth for this geriatric newbie..

    It WAS the old Forum - I did check other posts, and because I was in the old forums of course they didn't show images either.

    That was also why I was going crazy last night when I was logged into the new site but kept seeing Log in when I looked at the old Forums.:red:

    Chocole asked me to post a link - I was reading Jaderail's Daz 4 installation tutorial,but now I know what the problem is II will go and convert the HTML so I can see the images and see if that helps it all sink in.:roll:

    Thank you all very much

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