Old Mac Display memories are new again.

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Do any of you mac users ever recall the first time you plugged in one of the old APPLE CINEMA displays a 30 or a 23 inch for the first time One of Those sexy ones with the wrap around brushed aluminum, and it was like OMG!

Well I had that feeling again.

Got my new 3011 30 inch LCD IPS DELL today and dare I say it as good or better than those units! It is absolutely stunning! Razor sharp! AND BUILT like APPLE use to build stuff.

I didn't even have to calibrate the thing.

The birds are singer a sweeter song today. The air smells sweeter! My cats seem to be nicer today

Now if I can only get APPLE off their arse and send me my new MACPRO I ordered next day air 3 days ago.

I read endless reviews about this monitor and how so many hated the aggressive antiglare coating. Some refereed to it as SPARKLING and or sandpaper.

It is no different than the apple LCD Cinema displays in fact I think the apple one are a little more sandy.


Mine came in at $1350 with an extended 4 year amazon warranty.

If you can embezzle the money to get one it come highly recommended


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    now on with the prono? is that a typo for Pr0n?
    (Iknow, you are studying anatomical bends and texture for modeling female jet pilots)

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    YES PORNO! One would think i could see that with my new dell

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