Hotel of the death - the chosen one (horror)

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With the help of the chosen one, Sybel, a vampire with a soul who fights evil can close the necronomicon: the book of the death.
Even so, she needs to find the chosen one first.

Her friends, Felicity, Jason and Catherine - helps her.

In the meanwhile, the reaper, a nasty demon from the underworld wants to find the chosen one too, but his only goal is to kill the chosen one so that Sybel will never find peace.

He promises Harry Brown immortality if he can locate and kill the chosen one.

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- - - - - - -
Background information about the animation

General background info

When I create an animation I always keep the following key elements in mind:

1) The lightening of a scene
2) Props and backgrounds
3) Camera. Don't shoot a scene from one angle but also don't move the camera too quickly.
4) Movements of your characters, people in real life don't move slow therefor the people in your animation
shouldn't move slow either.
5) Sound ( sound effects, music). Even if you create a great looking scene, the finishing touch is always the sound.

About the animation
I always wanted to create the “Hotel of the death." It’s a story I wrote two years ago.
Hotel of the death is based upon a story I wrote in the early 1980s when I was a teenager. So in reality it’s a 30-year old story.

I now classify the hotel of the death as a mix with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood and 24.

I was 14 when I wrote the original story titled “De zolderkamer”....

What can I say, I am Dutch ;-)

I am on a Low Budget, and one of the problems is that I don’t live in the USA :-( because I need American voices for my main characters. I don’t want them to have funny European accent, which was the main reason why I haven’t worked on the animation earlier.

Even so, thank god, there’s text to speech software and Morphing software to create all the voices I need. So I don’t have to worry about voice actors, and I use TTS instead. Of course: real voices are way better but it’s good enough.

And I still can do some real ‘emotions when someone needs to scream. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Dutch scream, right ;)

3D software
I mostly used Cararra Pro 7 + Pro 8 in combination with Poser 9.

Lip sync is done with Mimic Pro.

A few scenes are done with Moviestorm, a not so familiar tool to create animations.

I also used DAZ Studio 3.0 Advanced. I simply don't like DS 4, sorry. It really isn't my cup of tea, DS 4 I mean...

Special effects
The special effects are done with FXhome EffectslabPro and the video/sound editing is done with Serif MoviePlus X5.

Special effects

I decided to create most scenes for Hotel of the death in Carara Pro 7 + Pro 8.

3D models/ props
For Hotel of the death I used a few Google Sketchup models, that I exported as a 3DS file. I also created a few models myself
with Anim8or and Sweet Home 3D.

Used charachters :
Victoria3 (DAZ), Michael3 (DAZ), Victoria2 (Felicity), Alyson (Poser9), James (Poser9), SimonG2 (Poser9), Moviestorm (various background characters (in the last scene) + Harry Brown.

For the last scene, the one with the explosion, I created a simple mesh in Anim8or that I put behind a few buildings (like a bill board). In Cararra 7 Pro I used the "Explode" effect to let the pieces fly around in the scene.

I also used a green screen and created a green screen prop to use it in Carrara.

Carrara Tip
Did you know that you can use animated textures and uncompressed AVI videos in Carrara for a mesh? I just discovered that while I am working on Episode 2.

Sound and music
The sound effects are from
Theme music:

Music in the car:
Heart and shoulder from Heather Nova.

PG-rating : 13
This film includes violence and profanity

Let me know what you think of this animation and you don't need to spare my feelings so you can say whatever is on your mind....

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    Unfortunately, because we don't yet have content filters for the forums we have had to remove the link to your video.

    Well, that's OK. I understand because the video contains foul language and content unsuitable for children or some adults. However, you can create a member only part of the site, and of course; you need to force members to add their birthday in their profiles.

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    Bummer I would have liked to seen it :)

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