Was Carnival Entrance part of a bundle or freebie at some point?

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I have the pre_entrance for carnival in my runtime - the pre_banner, and cables and fences etc all show up in my Content Library - but they can't find or load the varied .obj files, and I can't find them anywhere in my runtimes.

I was going to simply reset my download, but can't find Carnival Entrance in my purchased items. Does anyone remember if that came as part of a bundle or as a freebie? Any other way to track it down? (I've searched my computer for the relevant .obj files but the search didn't find anything).



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    The carnival items were bundled in, I think, about three Extravaganza sets during the Platinum Club Anniversary last October.

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    There were 6 Carnival Extravaganza Bundles in the PC Anniversary sale (I got them all) but the Entrance was not in any of them - don't know whether it was included in some other bundle?

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    Thanks - is there still a thread that shows bundles in the forums?
    Or is there a way to search through orders or purchases in a reasonably expeditious manner?
    (I tried searching for bundles but those don't show up - don't know if all items from bundles should automatically show up now)

    I tried googling varied bundles - like Halloween Extravaganza and Carnival Extravaganza but quickly ended up at a page that my spyware identified as dangerous.

    (and I have the cr2's in my DAZ runtime, so I must have bought it in something unless it was ever a plat club freebie)

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Just a thought - there were a couple of texture sets for the Carnival Entrance - one of these"Revelrie Entrance" included, according to the product page, 2 Poser Preset scene files (CR2) for the entrance, but wouldn't (presumably) have included the .obj files. Could it be this you bought?

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    Hey Melanie -

    I don't think that's it, because I have the carnival entrance cr2's and png's and folder (in addition to the revelry textures) - so unless those get installed by Revelry wouldn't make sense. (if those are included, would make perfect sense:))

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    Sorry, I never bought Carnival Entrance or its add-ons, so I don't know what was or was not included in those products.

    With regard to you question about the bundle contents thread, the only link I have is to an external site which had a "Fun With Bundles" list, but I don't believe it has been updated in a while. The link is here:
    I copied the contents into a PDF file back in January and it doesn't seem to include any Carnival Entrance stuff at all.

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    I wonder if maybe you would get a more definitive answer if you asked this wuestion in the Members only forum, as these sets were released as bundles during the PC sale last year, and there are people who use the MO rather than other forums, who could possibly help you.

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    According to my purchase history, Carnival Entrance (PC Item ID: 12455) was a stand-alone Platinum Club offering. I purchased it on 9/23/2011. This item installed a Scenes folder with a "!Pre_Entrance.daz" and "!Pre_Banner.daz" files. The Revelrie texture set also installed the same named files in a Revelrie folder.

    Edit: Magic for Carnival Entrance was a freebie during the PC Anniversary sale.

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