Mimic Pro with Genesis support (in both 32bit and 64bit versions)

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Isn't it time for Mimic Pro to be updated to allow Genesis support? I'm not even asking for a GUI make-over or full program update (it would be nice, though), but at least an update to allow the program to work with the Genesis model. Presently, even the online manual for the existing version of Mimic Pro leads to a dead link.

And, no, Mimic Live is not a satisfactory update/replacement. Facial animation is art and to make anything even resembling quality, one must tweak and refine the animation many, many times over, and in it's present form, Mimic Live does not allow the user any polishing to the animation once a recording is done.

So is Mimic Pro dead? Has DAZ3D abandoned its (Mimic Pro) users?


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    Here here!!

    Also mimic live does not allow you use pre-recorded audio files. You need a dead room to record profession audio, not a room full of noisy computer fans.

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    Moved to the Commons, as this is not a commercial item for sale.

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    Just a quick hack thought...play the pre-recorded audio through an external device into the mic jack?

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    i have the live version and it works just ok, not even good.

    mimic, animate2, optitext are all old. i have to export/import to blender, sketchup, kinect and octane render to get anything halfway usefull from studio 4. sad but true.

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    Actually that is not a bad idea to sync the mimic through the computers speakers. You can always add in the better quality audio at the final edit. Thanks Sir!Q. I'm not sure that I would have thought of it on my own.

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    Any chance of a DAZ official chiming in on this?

    One of my big early draws to DAZ was the ability to automate Lip Synching of characters for use in videos.

    With so much emphasis being placed on the Genesis figure for all the great advantages it offers, this seems like a huge piece of the puzzle to leave out.

    The Carrara version of Mimic can be used with Genesis but that has its own problems at the moment (you can't save the Mimic Data into its own NLA clip for use later, so everything has to be built in place, and if the program crashes / freezes / or can't save the file (which it's been doing fairly often on my computer), you're kind of stuck and may have wasted a lot of time.

    So, are there plans to make Mimic Pro compatible with Genesis, and any time table for doing so?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    I agree--Genesis is useless to me without lip sync. Please update Mimic Pro with Genesis, and make a Mac version of it like you used to!

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    Just to add my voice to this debate... I too think it is esential to either update Mimic Pro to work with Genesis or add that same or better level of functionality directly into DAZ Studio 4. As has already been mentioned, a lot of individuals use DAZ characters in animations needing voice and lip sync, and you can surely capture a larger customer base by being the easiest software to offer those capabilities.

    Can you tell us what you might have planned for this functionality in the near future?



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    I think the only thing missing is the .dmc file, is that correct? I asked about this a while ago too, and didn't really get a solution that would help all users.

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    UPDATE: I got it working. There's hardly any documentation for the plugin but I was able to find in the forums (buried in here) and got it working.

    I'll capture the results and post them eventually.


    Just in case anyone was wondering, I just purchased Mimic Pro for Carrara and it does NOT appear to have Genesis support.

    However, I've only been messing around with it for the last hour or so but if I'm wrong and any Carrara savvy users can point me in the right direction, please let me now.

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