No image in sight

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Having been pointed to some tutorials by Adam001 by some very helpful members i encountered a problem ( nothing unusual there!!)
The following appeared in the thread of a tutorial which clearly is a link or links to images.

The next thing I did was add UE2 to the scene, applied the Set HDR KHPark preset and then the 3 high quality preset.
Before I went any further, I thought, okay, well, let's see what each of the various Environment Modes on UE2 do. So I'm going to go through them all and talk a little about each as I go.


I may well return asking for help on how to apply UE2 but having checked on Daz itself and found the HDR-KH preset i might manage that, we can but hope.
However i cannot seem to access the image files, it may be because im using a Mac, but i see no direct link and the script shpwn produces nothing. So i am effectively blind. Help someone please


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