Help with surfaces..PART TWO

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I thought my question was pretty straight forward, you can read it if you want to, vis this link or scroll down this thread.
You can also read the replies, which while i appreciate the time and effort spent actually produced nothing in terms of usable information. Mr Heseltine replied to my question with a question, which i attempted to answer, i like to do that when people ask questions, seems a reasonable thing to do. I thank him for his question which of course was an attempt to find an answer. Unfortunatley i have heard nothing since i posted my answer so i am no further forward.
DWG told me that skin settings are really difficult, i think i agree. She, pressumably it is a lady, also advised me about some info that might have been available from Adam001. Couldn't locate him though.
Please do not think this is a dig at these very well intentioned people, i honestly appreciate the attempt to help, and i have seen Mr Heseltine helping out loads of people on my voyages through the forums and know he does a loads to help others.
The thing is this, i need to know about shaders, how exactly i can use those that i have got, maybe even get others, and i also need some info on Sub surface scattering, and how to introduce translucency to a render.
No one so far has been able to point me in the direction of answers, so if you have some….answers that is, please let me know


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