Why do Normall maps look so wierd in Daz?

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I have been working on a spider in blender and recently put it into daz but my normal maps render strangely and I'm not sure why, I am using Tangent style normal maps is this wrong?
I couldn't see any where if it said to use others.., I thought too maybe it was a render setting deal, So I messed around with that for a bit but got no where., :blank: So now I don't know what to do...

I added a couple of images one was rendered in daz and the other in blender..,
as you can see the daz render has weird black shadows on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
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    I believe you need Local XYZ normal maps...E.g. Red = X, Green = Y, Blue = Z

  • Nikkelah GhazNikkelah Ghaz Posts: 0
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    Oh .. thanks that would make sense i guess I'll have to try making some real quick...
    Thanks again,

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