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Can Cr2 created in Daz 4 be used in Daz 3?

BagboyBagboy Posts: 134
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I've exported a V4 dress rigged in Daz Studio Pro as a Cr2 and tried to open it and fit it to V4 in Daz Studio 3.1. But it comes in scaled so huge that it can't be completely viewed on stage.

Can a Cr2 from Daz 4 be created to open properly in Daz Studio 3.1? Does it need special export handling?



  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,172
    edited December 1969

    DS is loading the mesh from the CR2 at Poser scale, to be so big means your mesh wasn't save at Poser scale to begin with.

  • BagboyBagboy Posts: 134
    edited August 2012

    Bejaymac said:
    DS is loading the mesh from the CR2 at Poser scale, to be so big means your mesh wasn't save at Poser scale to begin with.

    Thanks for the quick response, Bejaymac!

    Can you tell me where I need to designate the Poser scale? I don't see it in the CR2 export settings in Daz 4.

    Or am I missing your meaning?

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  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,172
    edited August 2012

    DS automatically sees any mesh loaded from a Poser format file (CR2,HR2, PP2) as being in Poser scale, even if that mesh wasn't saved in Poser scale, with the result that the mesh ends up huge in DS.

    What you need to do is export your original mesh using the Poser preset in the .OBJ export popup, and point your CR2 to that mesh.

    *Editted to add pic*

    Poser scale is tiny, while DS is one unit = one centimeter, Poser is one unit = eight feet.

    The pic shows just how small, those two big pink lumps are V4's feet at the scale she gets loaded into DS3 at from the CR2, the little shape that I've circled is how small the mesh really is when imported at 100% scale.

    So when exporting a mesh to work with Poser formats you need to make sure you export it at the right scale (ie 0.410105%).

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  • BagboyBagboy Posts: 134
    edited December 1969

    Got it!

    And I got it working. :)

    Nicely explained and illustrated!

    Thanks again Bejaymac!

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