Export an animate animation to IClone Prob - Where's my mistake?

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I just started working with DAZ. I tried today to export an animate (walk forward, one circle) as an *.fbx to IClone. It worked fine.

But, when I try to let my character walk forward in IClone several times consecutivly, he just slips back to a position where he has been before. Sometimes he just turns around and walk in another direction I didn't tell him to do...
But, what is wrong?
I tried to export the animation without the first few frames, but the prob is still there.
Keyframes in Iclone ( fix the character at the position doesn't help).

Does anybody got an idea, how to fix it?

Thanks a lot

Best regards


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    is this an animation baked to the keyframes or an aniblock used as is?
    if you have Animate2 you can bake to keyfames and select the figure and delete transforms by clicking on the square tab top left of parameters and choosing animation, zero selected items.
    not sure what to do otherwise as I tend to "bake to keyframes" if I choose to export aniblocks or just simply use iClone walks on my retargeted Daz figures, I really only export Aniblock dances myself and those export ok as is.

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    btw, this could be an iClone issue too as I have it happen with saved iMotions that include transforms.
    try doing one cycle and setting the transform at zero beggining and end then collecting clip

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    Hello Wendy,
    thanks a lot for your answer.
    I baked it to the timeline, because there won't be a proper export to 3DXchange, if not.
    Well, it seems to be an IC prob.

    So I'm going to ask them. Ijust wanted to be sure, Imade it the right way before asking them. ;)
    I wasn't able to understand what you said me with the parameters.
    Could you please explain it again ( sorry, I'm still a bloddy beginner, and I just started expolring DAZ.)


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    try this thread, this is the issue I have in iClone with iMotions too!
    not on my computer or I ould post a screenshot
    parameters tab if ticked under Windows tabs is the one that shows values for selected objects ie transforms, rotation, morphs etc
    in the top left is a little square of horizontal grey lines with an arrow that if clicked on gives options such as memorize, restore, zero etc
    your time line will have little black triangles for keyframes for each bone as selected
    you can in that tab under zero choose selected items and clear the time line for whichever limb, object, camera etc you have selected and it only does the item selected
    selecting a figure you can zero transforms this way
    you can also do it on hip but then it pivots around on the hip for most movements so not advised.

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    Thank you soooo much ;)
    You are my hero!


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