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Need textures for Genesis

Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 552
edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

I'm going to be using Genesis in Carrara 8.5 beta (and C8.1 Pro).

What are the best (or some options) for getting the Genesis body textured initially - I'll need both dark and light skinned individuals, young and old, male and female - and I will be doing everything based of the Female Genesis form (which as I understand should be compatible with V4 textures).

Does Carrara let you use some formats of DAZ MAT files but not others? (some seemed to work with drag and dropping others didn't)

And what about applying the .png files as textures in the Shader room? That didn't work. Do I need to do something inside of Carrara to get Genesis UV Mapped or does it come in already mapped?

Thanks for any suggestions about products or methods.

I also tried multiplying texture with a color to get a darker skin texture but did't have great results. May just require some more experimentation or better base texture, but any suggestions as to method are welcome.

(I will be texturing the face separately through FaceGen and would ideally match the texture colors so face/nexk etc match.



  • ManStanManStan Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Don't see how you are going to use genesis in C8.1, that is why DAZ is making C8.5, C8.1 and genesis aren't compatible.

    Genesis is uvmapped for genesis, not sure if they have the alternate uvmaps working in C8.5 yet. I've just done it up in studio 4 using ether V4 or M4s skins, then saved as a DSF.

    Carrara can't use any studio mat files but it can use posers; which usually come with DAZ content.

    How or where are you applying the png? If done right; loaded to the color channel, they work fine. I usually work in png.

    To darken a texture int he shader, in the color channel left click the arrow, in the drop down menu select operators/add. this will add a channel for a color and you can adjust that color lighten darken the texture.

    "(I will be texturing the face separately through FaceGen and would ideally match the texture colors so face/nexk etc match."

    Lots of luck.

  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 552
    edited August 2012

    Genesis only in 8.5 beta - oh yeah, forgot about that. I've been using both C8.1 and 8.5 for different stuff. Will only use 8.5 for Genesis.

    As to darkening, I'd tried with multiply in the shader tree (changing color to texture and navigating to a .png file which I found by browsing to file location in DAZ Studio when applying a given texture) - will try with Add instead and see if results are better.

    May be that the mats that successfully applied were indeed poser files as you say.


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