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Hello everyone! This is my first time posting in these forums and I've been away from my favorite hobby of 3D rendering for quite some time and I wanted to get back to it. In the past I kind of steered clear of snow scenes since I never liked the way snow turned out in a render, so I figured what better way to get back in to the swing of things than to give myself a project and try to tackle something I used to avoid.

My question to the community is, what do you all do to get a more realistic looking snow in your scenes? I'm pretty much going on theassumption it will require postwork in Photoshop, but I was wondering what you all start from and if there are any insider tricks and tips for making better snow.

This is the image I'm working on, however as Imentioned, I'm not happy with the snow in it. Special thanks to Uzilite and Lourdes for the amazing body armor and domino trenchcoat.

Have a great day everyone and thanks in advance for any tips you all can toss my way :)

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    What app are you using. Bryce, Carrara, Daz Studio or Poser ? (shown in alphabetical order)

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    Oh yeah, I guess that would be helpful to know huh? :) I was using Bryce for this one.

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    Well to my mind Bryce is one of the easiest to do good snow in. We had a whole thread of snow pics in the old forum, last winter.

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    I think one of the most challenging aspects of getting snow to look right is in attempting to reproduce it's light reflecting/scattering qualities.
    Here's a few of my attempts (both done in Bryce).

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