How long to fix the Account Options and Order History?

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Did I miss an options setting somewhere or is there still no option to:

-Not display the Mac installers (or PC installers for Mac users) for everything I order?

-Change my Order History to “By Order Date” instead of this “Alphabetical” only crap?

I have 1573 items in my Order History and having to search for things this way while in the middle of a reinstall (that I started before the switch to the new site) is a royal pain in the rear to say the least. Toss in all the Mac installers to mess everything up and it gets worse to the point I have lost interest in reinstalling everything and doing digital art in general due to lack of content.

God I miss the old DAZ Studio site, at least it worked.


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    Sadly you can't sort your order history as of yet. The mac files will be going away once they start release all products as zips.

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    So I’m screwed because these options/features weren’t set up from the start here? Figures.

    Thanks for the quick reply at least.

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    Order History is alphabetical, apart from the first few items, whch are those that start with non alpahbetical characters. If you alter te list to see 50 items per page it is a bit easier, if not as ideal as you would like.

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    As a temporary workaround, you can copy the Order History pages over to an Excel worksheet - my history's a little larger than yours and I did it easil in the time while I was waiting for a render to complete - do switch it to displaying 50 items a page first.

    As for how long to 'fix' them (actually to implement both features from scratch), almost inevitably significantly longer than most non-programmers would think! Though there's a suggestion that the option to show only PC or only Mac will instead be superseded by a switch to common zip installers.

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    The absolutely best optopn for taming and managing your Daz history is a finy app called DAZ History Manger, Made by a Daz Member for Daz Members.

    It is simple to set up, Literally 4 clicks. It does everything and more, than even the old history did. It has a great search engine built in, even a search duplicates in cart button. It migrates over your order history and turns it into useful data. You can even reset multiple downloads all at once.

    Grab it here.

    This is a screenshot tutorial included in the download.

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