Still cannot find things on this forum through search function

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I cannot find, through the search function of these fora, posts that I know exist and that I can find through a Google search. Google search about blurriness in Carrara rendering found this Carrara thread:

But when I try to search the Carrara discussion forum, using the words "render blur" or "render dull" or "render & dull," the forum reports no matches at all.

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Your search did not return any results.

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I posted about this previously, ( and one of the moderators indicated that he was having no trouble finding the same thing that I was looking for. I do not know what to say. Carrara has precious little support material for it, and what little there is is hidden in these unsearchable fora.


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    The word 'blur' does not seem to be in the thread that you linked to, although 'dull' certainly is. I used the advanced search, and it returns no results if I use both render and dull together, but it does find the thread that you linked when I use only 'dull'.

    Obviously something is wrong as it doesn't AND the two words properly and the result is nothing is found. Strange indeed

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    Please make a bug report, using the DAZ Web Search category.

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    I can't get to the Bug Tracker, the page is not available from the link on the Home page.

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    Thanks Pam, I have put that link on my Favourites Bar.

    Here is the Bug Report

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