Barley Twist Leg Side Table for Poser and DS

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There are going to be four of these up in the end, each with a different style of leg and different type of wood,but I'm doing a sort of slow release thing as I wanted each one to have it's own download page and honestly I'm just so swamped right now I'll have to do them one at a time.
These type of legs were really popular at the beginnning of the 20th century, along with the 'pie-crust' style of table top, and could be found on all sorts of furniture from beds to dressers to tables like this one. It's propped for poser and Studio, and comes with specific DS materials, set to automatically load if you use Studio. Enjoy! I'll get the others up soon as I can.
You can find the download here - .


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    Thank you this looks really nice. I look forward to seeing the others you come up with. :)

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    Thank you, it's a very beautiful table.

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    Table 2 is here! Or table 1.. well, I should apologise and explain. I did actually have the promos finished for the first two tables, but had not yet finished the pages on our site.. long story short, the renders -above- are for the second of the tables, and the renders below are for the first. They are all correct on the site now, and I'll try ont to make such a schoolboy wrror on the next ones!
    So, rather later than planned, you can find the second table here -

    And the renders for it above. Just for anyone late to the party, here are the renders for the first table I posted yesterday! Confused? Yes. So was I. Enjoy, there are still two more to come!

    512 x 512 - 104K
    512 x 512 - 81K
    512 x 512 - 90K
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    After the last cock-up with the images, I'm glad I can state these are all right. I went for a lighter wood on this one and slightly sturdier legs, and you can download the table here

    Last one on its way tomorrow.

    512 x 512 - 101K
    512 x 512 - 90K
    512 x 512 - 99K
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    These remind me of tables that my grandparents used to own...

    Thank you.

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    Apologies this last one has been an extra few days coming, had a bit of a migraine over the weekend.
    This is the last one I plan on doing for the moment, but there will be more freebies very soon (possibly furniture related as I really enjoy modelling those).
    You can find the last table here -

    512 x 512 - 105K
    512 x 512 - 88K
    512 x 512 - 106K
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