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    piersyf said:
    I'd never noticed the change to pause... and no, it's not an animation. Breaking frames I could do, but this was a single frame. It's woodlands with sun, GI and raytracing. I like the look, understand it will take a long time, I'd just like the capacity to manage when I have full access to my system.

    I'll have to look for the pause button and see if that's what I wanted... thanks for the 'heads up'!

    You must use the Batch renderer to use the pause function, and it can pause renders of still images. Whatever buckets aren't done rendering when you pause are the first ones completed when you resume the render. It can take a little bit to close the file, so give Carrara some time to do it and don't assume it has hung up.

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    Cheers evilproducer. I spotted it in the batch render page. I hadn't looked there before because I don't so animations, and don't have a render network, so never saw a need for 'batch'. It does make sense (in hindsight) that if there was a pause button it would be there (to pause the list), but a similar function on the main render settings page would have been useful too. I had noticed that it took a while for Carrara to release the cores after pausing. The first time I thought it had hung, but before forcing a crash I decided to open task manager, where I could see the cores slowly being released, so I let it go.
    It is pretty much what I wanted (apart from the automated start and finish times), but I would say that you should be aware of how long it takes for an average tile to render and make sure you can run the render for at least that long, or it won't work. Carrara does pick up where you paused it, except it starts any unfinished tile from scratch.
    I've been spending a bit more time with it, getting to know the program better. Still a long way to go.

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    As with anything it all depends on what you are doing. It's definitely not or everything, though for my part it is an integral tool for any complicated scene that I do. You mileage may vary of course, and what is right for me, may not be a good fit for someone else.

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    Batch Queuing is very handy for ANY render jobs, not just animation.

    For Example:

    Setting up multiple cameras in the same scene for different points of angle

    Setting up different lighting or other effects at different points along the timeline, allowing you to pick from multiple shots of the same scene too grab the best of the best

    Rendering the same shot using entirely different render settings (every time you enter a scene to the Batch Queue, you have FULL access to all render settings, so you may add the same scene multiple times, changing the render settings for each queue)

    Of course, we may also do combinations of all of the above examples, and more.

    When we're not animating, the timeline is free for anything you want to do, since we would then only be rendering a still at an exact frame. So we may change light colors, some aspects of shaders, posing and other positioning, atmospheric effects... you name it. The in-between frames won't matter, in principle. But we might want to see (render) some of those in-between frames too, just to see what comes of it.

    Also, when I had to do all of my renders on my Core2Duo, I could design my scenes, only to have them render as I slept, which worked great because after I awoke, I had to go to work for the day, so I could get a lot of rendering done while I was away. Get more cores, and I still find the method extremely useful!

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    Being able to save a sequenced png animation as digits with no name would be nice. This would make exporting animations into Construct 2 for use in 2d games more efficient as it would be more compatible with their animation file system. ie I cannot use anything past 099 frames because the 0 has to be entered as the file name and cannot changed to 1 during rendering.

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    HI MaxfieldHalwa :)

    Have you tried using an underscore character,. EG: _

    Then you should be able to have _000 to _999 or whatever you need.

    You could also use an image editor to rename a Batch of exported (Named sequence) files, such as Corel PaintShop-Pro

    I'd also suggest that you post a reciprocal feature request on the "Construct 2" site,. asking them to allow the importation of "Named file sequences" . as this is the most common (and logical) way to save a sequenced file,. (with a name, rather than without any identifier)

    Hope it helps. ;)

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    Batch queue is very handy. Set a batch a go out to dinner! Or away for the weekend!

    I think there are several elements of the UI that need resizing (the possibility to choose between 2 or 3 sizes would be awesome). Things can get rather small on a 27 display and I am considering a 4K monitor... Fonts are a must. Also, various handles and tools and line selection.

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    This is a wish list I sent to Eovia exactly 12 years ago, soon after the release of Carrara 2. Some of these are still on my wish list today for Carrara 9. Some were incorporated in subsequent releases.

    Here is my wishlist. Some wishes were mentioned before on the list but they are a little more organized here. I reserve the right to add wishes to this list at any time.

    - Selection improvement: pressing cap lock or holding a key would prevent additional selection or deselection, but only allow rotating, moving,...
    - Nudge: arrow keys should move the selection up, down, right and left and option-arrow for forward and backward. Nudge increment is set in the preferences.
    - Hot Point: should be locked by default. option to hide or show an object's hot point in properties tray.

    - View different portions of a complex shader individually in color (for example, view a bump map in B+W to align it properly, then let it be just a bump map).
    - UV Mapper features built-in.

    Vertex Modeler
    - Symmetry: whether modeling a face or a car, many models are symmetrical. Let's make this automatic.
    - Import images as templates.
    - Nudge.
    - Select/reveal adjacent vertices/polygons: so you can expand a selection to the next connected vertices or to see a little more area around what wou're working on.
    - Lock selected vertices.
    - Name and apply different shaders to groups of polygons.
    - Hide/Show edges and vertices.
    - Hide/Show working box/drawing plane.
    - More easily identifiable/selectable drawing plane.
    - Select through polygons in wireframe mode instead of selecting front polygon.

    - Symmetry: why do we have to do the work twice?
    - Fix influence bug.
    - Influence preview in the VM (colored edges + vertices)
    - Hide/Show skeleton option.
    - Handles for bones buried deep in the body or hard to access.
    - Allow more than one skeleton in an object (hands and overall body)
    - Allow editing vertices when skeleton is attached (or at least an option to save/load the influence settings if we have to detach the skeleton)

    - Pop-up list to choose target object instead of having to type its name,
    - Half extended view that shows only name, slider and position #. That would allow to show more sliders in the properties tray.
    - More descriptive modifiers names in the Sequencer (like morph target names).

    - Make limit sliders a different color from position slider.
    - Option to lock limits.
    - Holding L key selects closest limit slider. holding O key selects object slider.
    - Zoom into rotation limits?

    - Labels or flags: to write a description of a time period or event (i.e., "closes door", "walks to chair", "sits down",...)
    - More descriptive modifiers names (see above).
    - Snap option that actually snaps.
    - vertical grid: to see if 2 events line up in time.
    - Hide inactive tracks,... doesn't seem to work
    - View only specific sets of track at a time (i.e., bones when working on body motion, face controls when working on the expressions)
    - Holding space bar should switch to hand cursor and allow moving around in the sequencer.

    - Fix Quicktime save+crash bug.
    - Save Quicktime compression options (they keep resetting to video).
    - Customizable render presets: to switch from "wireframe animatic 320x240" mode to "high-res raytraced 640x480" mode in one easy step.

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