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Can't get female genitalia textures to work



  • arcadyarcady Posts: 298
    edited August 2014

    Victory is achieved on this. Though animators will hate it...

    Export your genesis 2 figure from Daz Studio with the settings I have attached, and she will come into carrara as an obj file that has textures intact, and will render in global illumination.

    You can also get it worked with a rigged figure by exporting as collada - but it came in as a mess of files, and the genital prop was locked to something, and I could not sort it out. But that -might- be a clue for an animator who needs... 'adult' functionality for whatever.

    Now I can get back to sanity on some other project, the bug in my brain has been stepped on. :)

    Obviously on this forum, while I can upload an image of my settings... you'll have to trust me on the results and just test it yourself. :)

    Notice how I am NOT letting Carrara know this OBJ came from Daz... things got really weird when I tried using the daz preset, but my OBJ export was different at that time too - so I am not sure which end of this process is the important part that fixed it... :)

    (Now if I ever need this in a project, it will be like back in Vue 3 when the only method of import from Poser was obj, and so I had to be very particular about having all my things set up perfectly before taking them out of Poser...)

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  • JerifeJerife Posts: 155
    edited August 2014

    Thanks Arcady will try that too.

    But... I make the Genesis character morphs in DS but load GFG or GMG directly from the content tab on Carrara it seems to work very smooth. You can even save a group with the figures on your objects tab in My Presets for further use and no crashes. (I'm in C8.5 Pro 64 bits)

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  • arcadyarcady Posts: 298
    edited August 2014

    jerife said:
    Thanks Arcady will try that too.

    But... I make the Genesis character morphs in DS but load GFG or GMG directly from the content tab on Carrara it seems to work very smooth. You can even save a group with the figures on your objects tab in My Presets for further use and no crashes. (I'm in C8.5 Pro 64 bits)

    When I loaded anything onto a rigged figure inside of Carrara, and did the double genital-prop trick, it seemed fine until I turned on global illumination and / or indirect lighting, or used a sky atmosphere.

    - At that point, there was a seam between the prop and body, visible as a curved arc along the top like in my screenshot.

    I can toggle the lights off, go back to basic lighting, and the seam goes away.

    I can repose to default pose or to something more intense (i played with a set of super hero poses I have for example) - and then unfit / refit to get it to sync up perfectly... but then if I add environmental lighting, the seam comes back. And unfit / refit doesn't fix it once there is environmental lighting.

    Since I'm not an animator - the obj solution is workable for the few use-cases I can come up with where I would need this prop. I'm on the side of realism and that means if I did any nude, a simple flat textured surface would be jarring to me for the female form.

    But for animators, unless we can get environmental lighting to not have that seam - genesis figures are a wash for anything with potential nudity.

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  • booksbydavidbooksbydavid Posts: 404
    edited December 1969

    Don't know if this will help, but check to see if you have Interpolation ticked in your GI settings. You might try unticking that and trying Light through Transparency instead. It's possible there might me a thin line of transparency at the edge of model if the texture doesn't go all the way to the edge of the UV map.

    (I think I've got the names right. I'm not at my work computer ATM)

  • BratpiperBratpiper Posts: 35
    edited December 1969

    Been running some tests on the method put up by jerife (great work!). Initially I had the same issue as arcady, then the more I played with settings I kept getting Carrara lock-ups. Got so annoyed that I re-installed Carrara - surprised me in that it was painless - automatically uninstalled previous and reinstalled with serial and all runtimes unaffected. Took only a couple of minutes.

    Restarted Carrara and tried Genesis 2 Female / V6 with genital once more... works perfectly and even pose presets work flawlessly. Tried Genesis 2 Male, that also works just as well but does have a very slight rim of black on the texture (easily fixed in postwork). Only did a very quick check so maybe better textures or M6 may work better? I can leave that for another day, at least the solution works.

    Anyhow, I can make one small addition to improve matters. Edit the texture of the fitted Genital... set Alpha at 0% and everything else to none (makes it truly invisible), now you don't need to uncheck 'Receive shadows' on the textured Genital, shadows will then render properly. I also went one step further and set rendering level at zero, don't know whether it actually saves any resources (does Carrara actually render invisible things?) but it seems logical to me.

  • arcadyarcady Posts: 298
    edited December 1969

    Have you tried it with global illumination on?

    Or when using 'realistic sky'?

    Or an object with glow as your internal lighting?

  • BratpiperBratpiper Posts: 35
    edited December 1969

    To answer your question yes/yes/no. But in my limited experience I've never met a bad texture, i.e. one with gaps, that was magically transformed to no gaps just by changing the type of lighting? You have to find and fix the underlying reason for the defect in the texture.
    Maybe not so easy in this case since it could possibly be hardware or operating system related?

    As I said before, I had gaps in the gens texture for a while and I clicked everthing in sight, they actually cleared for a short time but then came back again, never worked out why, it just seemed to happen for no apparent reason. Re-installing Carrara was a last resort and happily it worked for me! You've got to find what works for you, EXPERIMENT. If you're unlucky maybe nothing will work, then you wait maybe 5 years to the next Carrara upgrade???

    On the side, I've also had no problem using Genesis 2 in Carrara although I notice many people just say it won't work??? I wonder how many have actually really tried?

    For info I run Carrara 8.5 Pro 64 on Windows 8.1 x64 Pro and I install all Carrara/Poser/Daz/ stuff manually into file structures that are logical to me. Needs some file editing up front (often fixing errors put in there by DAZ) but pays back in understanding how the program works. Hardware is a home built Intel i7 based desktop system with discrete AMD GPU.

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,217
    edited December 1969

    All things are eventually possible in CG - here is G2F in Carrara 8.1 - which can't use .duf :)

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  • arcadyarcady Posts: 298
    edited December 1969

    I've used G2F and G2M several times in Carrara 8.5 Pro. Since returning to 3D G2F/G2M are the only human figures I've been using.

    But the issue in this thread is about the genital prop (which is why we have a thread talking about how to render something, and no actual screenshots of what we're talking about... :) ).

    The odd gap you see in my shots above - that's not a texture black spot, its an actual gap in the mesh. I could show you other camera angles where you can pan around that and see how the prop is not lining up geometry wise...
    - And it occurs anytime you mess with anything that impacts the figure.

    Wear some, change a pose, change a shader, change lighting - anything that effects the figure on screen, creates the gap in the geometry of the figure.

    But if you then un-fit and re-fit the prop, the gap goes away... unless there is global illumination. In that case... I guess something in GI does math on the figure after the refit, and that causes the error, that pushes the prop slightly out of angle.

    The reason I lack more screenshots showing how it is out of position is that its very hard to take one that shows this, but also stays in keeping with the DAZ forum terms against nudity. :)

    That said, I'll try the uninstall trick and see what I get. I don't have plans for a nude in a project anytime soon, so finding the obj solution seemed viable. But a full solution is always better.

  • BratpiperBratpiper Posts: 35
    edited December 1969

    I have no gaps between meshes. I switched to wireframe views and inspected in minute close up: absolute alignment.
    V6 works identically whether Gens added (this method) or not! No tweaks, clicks, or fiddles necessary between poses or anything else.

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 14,222
    edited August 2014

    this is what the UV of an exported Genesis male geograft looks like

    this broke with the last DS4.6 update I think because geograft FBX export to iClone broke the same time
    I know it worked before
    not enough people use it to care

    Image removed Template image only please, not texture.

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  • BratpiperBratpiper Posts: 35
    edited December 1969

    wendy♥catz, image was removed when I saw your post - must admit I don't even know what a template image is? I also don't use iclone or DS, except for converting for Carrara.
    I'm attempting to post images of the basic Genesis 2 Male with Gens attached as per above discussions - very quick trial with just the single colour map dropped on there. The render shows the black line that I mentioned previously. The two wireframes hopefully show that the mesh does align fully in Carrara, these are screen grabs from inside the body to prevent other parts cluttering the image (Gens is blue - just in case there's any doubt as this only shows the upper part).

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  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 14,222
    edited December 1969

    you do not see this in carrara UV tab it lies but obj reimport reveals the messed up UV's fitted
    A raccoon instead of male naughty skin a template would show better but did not have

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  • BratpiperBratpiper Posts: 35
    edited December 1969

    Thanks. Understand now. Luckily this is not something I need to worrry about. One thing that does strike me though, is the messy polygon shapes in the meshes, wouldn't think they're exactly brilliant when it comes to tidy uv mapping.

    Still get one other oddity in Carrara though. I notice that if I open in Poser there is one additional control for the foreskin. Can't get that to show up in Carrara no matter what I tried. Not using males at the moment so not a major issue for me - this whole thing for me was purely about getting people to look like they're reasonably human when you take their clothes off in Carrara.

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 14,222
    edited December 1969

    some geografts work ok

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  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 14,222
    edited December 1969

    OK bought Succubus and can confirm UV mapping is Borked on the snake tail too
    as is on Catpeople tails as well as the genitals
    Octogenesis one of few geografts that does not lose its UV mapping fitted so know it is possible
    must be related to vertices replaced in geograft when fitted
    will file a bug report

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 14,222
    edited December 1969

    I have just discovered the same UV issue seems to exist in Octane for DAZ studio
    at least on Cat world regenesis tail so far, not tried rest

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