Mavericks...... Bryce is Back!!!! :-o



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    "We don't know when Bryce will be back in the dev cycle"
    "Bryce is not compatible with the last 3 OSX releases"
    "You can run an old version of OSX in a partition just for Bryce"
    "It works on Windows"
    abandonware for Mac users.

    Been using Bryce since Bryce 2. Was sad to come back to Daz to download my license on to a new mac and discover this debacle.
    Sad really.
    You can say you haven't abandoned it all you want but as you have no idea when or if anything will change we'll just assume it is abandoned until we hear something concrete.

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    As an alternative- the latest version of Photoshop has some/very few Bryce related capabilities.

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    Is there any possible news about Bryce 7 Pro being compatible with newer MacOS Maverick 10.9.5 or Yosemite?

    There is something weird and that I do not what to think, I mean

    Is very curious that I have seen that Bryce 7 Pro is available in the Mac App store (itunes) for 99.99$ AND the interesting part and most related to the topic of this thread is this text shown here

    Mac App store Bryce 7 Pro direct link

    Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 OR LATER

    Released: Jun 10, 2011
    Version: 7.1
    Size: 317 MB
    Language: English
    Seller: DAZ Productions, Inc.
    © 2011 DAZ 3D

    IF Bryce is NOT compatible with Mavericks or Yosemite, How they are selling this on the Mac App store?

    Or maybe is that they do not know that this does not work on newer Macos

    Thanks for any news and help

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    SpaceRay- I guess no real news but a confirmation here.

    The reviews of this in the App Store are people confirming it doesn't work in Lion so I bet it just hasn't been updated. There is also a note (attached below) in the app description that I do not believe was ever followed up on.

    I've combed the forum and it doesn't look like it will be updated for Yosemite.
    I tried really hard to get it to work, except for the Windows/BootCamp ideas, I tried using WINE. No luck.
    My brother told me the current version of Windows I would need to install is flakey.
    I found contact information from some of the builders of the program and they are not interested. One is doing something similar but there doesn't appear to be any import/export options. Actually he confirmed that it would not export OBJ files.
    I experimented with many similar programs for various reasons I could not go with any of those.

    My final solution was that my mom finally retired her old MAC to me for Christmas, and guess what? It has Snow Leopard on it so I was able to get Bryce to work. JOY! BTW I have a disk copy of Snow Leopard and tried to install it on a machine that has Yosemite- no good. I could not go backwards with the OS.

    The other attachment is a note from my chat with Apple about which old MAC to buy. There are still companies selling these as refurbs.

    It's great to have this program back. I hope you find a solution.

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    As a Bryce user from the '90s (first saw it in a CompUSA store -- remember those?), I, too, miss a modern Mac-compatible version. I've got a Mac Pro tower that's old enough to boot Mac OS 10.6 and keep a 10.6 partition to do so, but be advised that System Preferences under 10.6 doesn't recognize a 10.10 (Yosemite) partition as bootable -- to get back to 10.10 you must boot through an operating system version that can be seen by 10.6 and that itself sees 10.10, such as 10.9. I know that Parallels is another option, but I haven't bothered since I've moved to a non-Bryce alternative. Which is a shame, because I really like the Bryce interface, funky as it is, and prefer its renderer, slow though it might be. Every so often I check to see if there's an update. In DAZ 3D's defense, Bryce must be a bear of an application and I don't envy anyone working on its code.

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    chohole said:
    Bryce is the only one that doesn't work on a newer Mac. all the others are working.

    Aye, that's no very good - and the poxy windows version I'm having to use seem to be very buggy... >:(

  • You guys could try my solution.  I ordered a copy of OSX 10.6.8 server from Apple (get it before they stop selling it!).  Then I built a VMWare Fusion virtual machine out of the 10.6.8 DVD that Apple sent me.  Works great.  Costs a little more that parallels, true.

  • Then I built a VMWare Fusion virtual machine out of the 10.6.8 DVD that Apple sent me. \

    How exactly do I do that?



  • I have also got Bryce 6 and 7 to work on my new iMac 5K running El Capitan OS.  As cdunson_4ce635457f said, get Snow Leopard Server version from Apple and VMWare Fusion. It is easy to install an operating system with Fusion, just read their manuals and online help tutorials.  The trick is standard Snow Leopard does not work, but the server version does. And I have Bryce running on the full 5K resolution display as well. Still have the limitations of the original software with the known issues however.  But, at least it works for me.  I did the install of Snow Leopard Server a couple of years back when 10.8 was the curent OS, so no longer remember how I did it, but I just used Google found advice. It was not that hard.



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    you have an Australian $2 note :) ....i havnt seen one of those for a long time :) ....used to be my weekly pocket money! :D

  • This is great. It looks like for about 140 quid (VMWare Fusion & Snow Leopard Server) plus a little learnin' 'n fiddling, Brycers of the Mac persuasion can have Bryce7 running on the latest hardware.

    I hope this works out for more people and we can see a resurgence.

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    You would think Daz would see this and realize that there are a lot of Bryce users willing to spend money to get it working again and then make an update. Most would pay some money to get it back on the Mac and make it 64-bit on Mac and PC.

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