Leap Motion

JohnDelaquioxJohnDelaquiox Posts: 1,133
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Came across this little device and thought it could have some interesting applications and functions for programs like studio and Zbrush



  • MassMinionMassMinion Posts: 0
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    No chance......my arm would get tired...lol.........I wonder in the future if we will ever be able to sculpt in 3D with our hands........virtual clay.

  • ValandarValandar Posts: 1,395
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    The general opinion on most "pro" art boards i frequent is that #1 ) There's no guarantee it'd even WORK with programs like ZBrush, and #2 ) You would wear yourself out at a rapid pace because the size of motions needed would be so big.

  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 5,293
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    Hmmm. If Daz creates a voodooo doll of Genesis, and we place it on this device, rotate arm, Then genesis will do the same:)..JOY:)

  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,511
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    I like my tablet thank you, but I really started to laugh when it got to the first person shooter part. What a joke!

    Im sure it has some practical applications, but not very many. might be good web browsing or watching movies :)

  • wolf359wolf359 Posts: 1,750
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    Not good for the disabled user

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