Toon Squirrel .exe Import difficulty - and: How to adapt included bones ?

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Hello eyerbody,

I bought the toon squirrel. This came as an *.exe and I'm able to find it in my content Library. But, when I try to put it into the scene it got the Selection-Error-Message: This action requires an item within the scene to be selected.
Yesterday, before I installed it new it worked perfectly?

What has gone wrong? How to fix it?

And: This model is already rigged - but I saw yesterday, that the motions don't work properly. So how and I adapt the bones?
Do I have to Setup the figure again? ( New Bones?) Where / How can I see the bones inside the squirrel?

Thanks a lot

Best regards

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    The error message means you are trying to open a material or pose file, not the figure - you need to get the figure, from Poser Formats>My Library>Figures>DAZ Animals I think, then select it in the scene before applying pose and material settings.

    What motions are you using? How are they not working?

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    Hey, thanks for your response. :)
    At present I install the squirrel new - because the figure wasn't there. ;(

    The motions:
    When I take one of the animates e.g. walk or the 'bow' the hand / arm goes through the body. So I think I have to position and weight the bones a bit more exactly?
    Or how could I fix it.

    Edit: The install is done, and now the Squirrel is there again. :)
    Hm, I've seen there is no geometry to load for 'new' bones. What can I do?


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    poses and puppeteer is a better way to animate non-biped humanoid figures.
    With Animate2 you can then create Aniblocks for those figures.
    Aniblocks are mostly intended for M3&4 & V3&4 plus some can be adapted for or are made for Genesis
    other figures always have issues.

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    Hello Wendy,

    uffz.:-S.. I'm a brandnew user of DAZ. So, thanks a lot for the hint.:-)

    Do you know a good Tutorial/ explanation for puppetier?
    And: if I try it from Pose to Pose, does DAZ then morph me the frames in between? And I correct them properly in the timeline?


    Best regards

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    one thing is the first frame in DS4 never gets remembered pose wise once you apply another or morphs along the timeline so memorize and restore may need to be used, it will tween between the poses
    saving poses as puppeteer presets eliminates this issue and you then just mouse between them and record

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