OT, Mecha fans rejoice!!!!

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For now you can by your very own mech for just over $1 million.


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    In my cart...

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    If the girl comes with it, I'll take one!

  • RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,722
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    It even has functioning weapons!? :grrr:

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    that is out of my budget. I think I would prefer a version for M4/V4/Genesis. That would be a small fraction of the price.

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    I was going to ask, "Does it come with the driver?" but Art Junkie beat me to it :cheese:

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    isn't that a rude word in Polish or Yugoslavian?
    for a guy's toast
    I know both words male and female, only words I know in that tongue

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    It was ok, until they showed it on wheels.... It's nice toy, though. Water bottles, BB-gatling guns. I'm worried about if they make a real one with state of the art computers, real guns and Hellfire-missiles.

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    no.5 is alive

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    "From time to time will hit its target".

    It shoots when the pilot smiles? Definitely seen that in the odd anime or three. Very odd. And just a smidgeon worrying.

    Got to wonder whether something is being lost or gained in translation... :)

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    gasoline fueled diesel engine??

  • TorbyTorby Posts: 249
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    I just figured those kinds of "mistakes" were part of the comedy of the piece. Don't expect the thing's really for sale.

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    When i first read the forum post and went to watch the video the first thing that popped into my head was "How did they deal with the ground pressure problem you run into if when you build when you build your typical humanoid giant robot. Then I saw the lower body of it and saw that they didn't deal with the problems if it was built to have 2 legs and walked.

    The max speed is only 10 KPH (About 6MPH) from what I was able to find online about it..

    One website had this info about the manufacturer of it.

    [quote]Suidobashi Heavy Industry isn't a true industrial mass manufacturer like Mitsubishi or Fuji, but is rather "an organization which is aimed to spread human ride [sic] robots."

    The design is an evolution of an earlier prototype called the Vaudeville.

    The engine is a diesel engine according to several websites that have reported on it.

    The Kuratas is billed as an "art project" according to one site and the main designer of it is metalworking wizard Kogoro Kurata,, who is known for creating a full-scale cast-iron model of a Scopedog.

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    Actually, it is for sale. And, the 1,500,000 price is in Japanese Yen. This works out to around $20,000 USD. But, adding the shipping costs would put it around $22k.


    With the advancements in gyroscopes, I don't expect it will be too long before they have a 'walking' model.

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