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I am interested in using backgrounds in Daz 4. Can the backgrounds for Poser also be used in DAZ?
Also, I sometimes see in Freebies that a background for Daz is also referred to as a "planar"...... is this something different and does it have different properties?


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    Planar backgrounds mean that the background image has been applied to a plane obj and then converted into a prop item so that you can go through your content folders, click on the icon, and it automatically loads. This way you can move the background back or forward depending on your needs. In another words you don't have to worry abour digging through folders on your hardrive and manually placing a background in. The click of the thumbnail will do it for you.

    I don't have poser so I don't know how their backgrounds work. For Daz however, if you have a jpg or png image file that you have bought or downloaded to be used as a background then all you have to do is go to edit (at the top of Daz window) and then scroll down to backdrop. When you click on that a popup will appear for you to select the image you want to use. Once you bring the background image in you won't be able to move it around like you would with a planar background.

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    Sounds like an issue that would be better handled in postwork. Unless you need the figure to be interacting with the background.

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    You can change the background in the main view (Edit -> Backdrop -> Image), and it will show up in the preview and the render (although I've noticed it doesn't work so well when certain light sets and sky domes are used), or you can create a plane primitive and assign an image to it in the Surfaces tab. Then you can scale it, translate it, pretty much do whatever you want with it. As long as the original image is in one of the popular formats (and probably some of the unpopular formats, as well), there shouldn't be a problem.

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    May I recommend Infinity Cove 3 and its line of products. Its better than just a plain old background. It is a morphing background and morphing ground set with many amazing high resolution textures. They range from ground to water to even sky. The majority of the background were created by some amazing artist in Vue

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    For that matter, the ground plane of the multiplane cyclorama morphs as well.

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