Clothing texture tutorials

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Hi, I was wondering if there are some other resources out there on how to texture clothing?
Other than chohole's fantastic one, of course. :-) I know it's not technically complicated but I have not seen as many tutorials covering this as I have the other stuff lately. In fact, I feel like it's some ancient secret that only our awesome vendors know. lol
I once found a site that was supposedly a forum just for learning how to texture clothing for Poser and DAZ, but I have no idea where it even is.
I've done some minor texturing practice but I keep getting stuck and frustrated. Without the running risk of sounding like a noob, I'm a beginner with it and I could use the help! :-)


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    Why not try a thread in the new users help forum? Just ask about the stuff you get stuck on. It is a great forum for fast and good help. You can include images to show the things you need help with and everything. Just a thought.

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    That is a thought! Thanks.

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