Shade 10 Software Free - for 4th July Only

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I got this link in the Mirye Newsletter and thought I should share:

I've never used the program, but it's free so I'll be checking it out... :coolsmirk:
It's also a good jump platorm for upgrading to the latest versions...


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    It's okay, but you have to wait up to 48hrs before you can get a link or download or anything... I'm patient though.... and you have to register to do anything... go figure...

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 17,131
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    It seems like a lot of places want people to register even if they just want a freebie.

  • mrposermrposer Posts: 977
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    I ordered and shows in a que now. I have Shade 8.5 but never used it much... I think I got it from E-frontier back when they owned Poser. I got a bunch of car models in shade format but couldn't ever get them exported to use in Poser... maybe this version will help.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,777
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    It seems like a lot of places want people to register even if they just want a freebie.

    That's a fairly standard quid pro quo - as wth DAZ, where you have to sign up for the newsletter to get freebies.
  • mrposermrposer Posts: 977
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    I got my serial today... Installed okay.. and I can open my older shade files (all my cars) and they render fine. It has Poserfusion plugin. But the interface is still as cold and cryptic as the 8.5 version... but at least the Shade 10 documentation is completed (hint hint Daz).

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    I was JUST in time to get this program when it was on offer for free! A few hours later and I would have missed out!!

    I am just wondering why I got 2 different serial numbers via 2 separate e-mails sent out on 6th. I assume the 2nd serial number will be the correct one? I am not planning to install Shade10 immediately as I still have to make more space on my computer. Have all people got 2 serials initially?

    Have a nice day!

    Kind regards,


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    I got it but can't seem to figure out where to download it from now

  • carnitecarnite Posts: 162
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    This is where you can download:

    And here’s the Shade 10 documentation:

  • 3WC3WC Posts: 621
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    Did anyone ever get a serial number for this? I'm still waiting, even contacted customer support. Still waiting....

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    My serial number was emailed 6th July.

    If you haven’t heard yet, I’d suggest contacting them.

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    I didn't realize it was limited time so put off and missed. Might be just as well though, learning Hexagon, Maya, 3DS, and Blender atm so..., would have been fun to look at though.

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