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Babydoll Outfit for V4

WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,641
edited December 1969 in Freebies

Was asked if I could convert my Genesis clothing to V4, so here is the Babydoll Outfit for V4.


  • edited December 1969

    Thank you for sharing, however, sharecg failed to add a download link on the page.

  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,641
    edited December 1969

    Don't know what happened there. The download was there when I uploaded it the 1st time. Hope it's OK now.

  • fleetppfleetpp Posts: 159
    edited December 1969

    The download at sharecg seems to be working now.

  • edited July 2012

    This is a very nice looking outfit. Thank you for converting it!

    Ooops. Didn't realize it was only for DAZ Studio, not Poser. It's still a nice looking outfit.

    Post edited by teriperkins_bfd4324187 on
  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,641
    edited December 1969

    Sorry it's not for Poser but I only have Daz!

    The obj and cr2 files are there so they should work in Poser. Can't Poser users add the textures in the cloth room?

  • Valentin3DValentin3D Posts: 5
    edited December 1969

    Beautifull, Thank you!

  • StratDragonStratDragon Posts: 2,717
    edited December 1969

    Thank you for this great looking freebie!

  • wancowwancow Posts: 2,708
    edited December 1969
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