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often when i build a model in hexagon and send it to studio, the model becomes additional surfaces which are deleting the shape of the model.
same happens, when importing an obj directly into studio, while importing it into hexagon the shape of the model is ok.

what to do?

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    It's hard to tell from your description - could you post some images showing the item in Hexagon and then in DAZ studio, or even a link to a model showing this problem?

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    Here the same obj in hexagon and in studio.
    thee is no difference when sending it from hexagon directly to daz or when loading the obj directly into daz...

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,405
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    That looks like a problem with concave polygons and n-gons. You need to break the faces on the front of your fleur-de-lys into either triangles or quads (four sided polygons) that don't fit inside a triangle and I think you will be fine - as a test, try triangulating the whole thing in hexagon and try the result in DS, though you can probably do better by manually splitting the polygons rather than triangulating the whole thing.

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    sorry, i'm a kind of a newbie to this. the fleur-de-lis was exported out of sketch up - is not my work...
    but i had this problem with some of my works too.
    and i really wonder, why nobody knows this issue. it happend very often, when i build a model in hexagon - even when i build something like a short piece of a pipe... :-)

    so again: since i'm a newbie i have no idea how to do the steps you listed...

    anyhow - many thanks!!


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    Basically what Richard is saying is to join the points with lines on the faces of your models where there are a lot of points on the edges but just one large face.
    With a little practise you will soon get the idea :)

    Try some of the tutorials here, you will find them extremely useful to gain knowledge and have fun in the process.

    Hexagon Tutorials

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,405
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    I just discovered I don't currently have Hexagon installed - but I think, if you look in the Tools menu, you should find a triangulate command - try applying that (you may need to select all), export as OBJ again, and load that into DS.

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    Hello Arjey.

    Using nGons is not a good idea for DS4 or Poser. An nGon is a many sided face (more than 4 sides), and they cause problems for the display and rendering in DS. It is best to triangulate them by using the Tools menu as shown in Hexagon, or even fixing them yourself if you are able to.

    In the Selection menu in Hex, you can also select 'Over 4 point faces' and that should show you the faces that are causing problems.

    There is also a Hexagon Discussion forum here too, where you may get more specific answers.


    Sorry folks, another cross Post!

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    Many thanks for your answers - but I don't get it fixed... :-(

    when i select over-4-points faces the whole object turns blue, but when i click on Triangulate n-gons i get the message "no facets with more than 4 points or no object selected"

    I wanted to attach the obj, the zip or the hxn-file but it seems I'm not allowed to :-(

    so perhaps there is someone willing to give me a link to a free fleur de lis which works under daz?...

    greetings from a little frustrated arjey :-)

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  • TapiocaTundraTapiocaTundra Posts: 268
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    Arjey, if your model is this one, fleur de lis by Tesler and from what I can gather from your screen shots it appears to be the same one, I think you may have been removing the lines from the faces "tessellation". You can download the model in Collada format and drop it into Daz with no fuss, make sure you turn up all the opacity sliders to 100% and switch the display to wire shaded and you will see how the mesh gets constructed to work correctly.

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