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First I say to be fair This products is great. many items have pose, and detail is good.
not just shaped to fit genesis . I have hoped such items for genesis. I like this products.

but this products is not accomplished .

1 . it has not correct meta-data. It does not means just I can not find items in smart contents.
the items can not fit to genesis automatically when I load items if they assigend meta-data correctly.

2. the back pack of cute character has Coller and Sholder bone. (it seems to be desigend fit to genesis., because)
but,,, they has not be weight mapped, so If I fit the packl to genesis manually, it can not follow genesis movements.
just bones follow genesis .

Of course I can just parented it to genesis torso.
but It is ovbious , the bones of this case is desigend for fit to genesis and follow genesis move.

I am just pity. I read some man said "daz shop items are so good , because they are checked strictly"

But I feel not. if it had been checked carefully before. but some items for genesis I bought in daz shop,
has problems and DAZ do not correct them yet.

they just leave the problem . mistaken bone donner figure, mistaken folda name, (they say you can use it in 4.5, so what?
why I should use RC ver for the daz proucts?) then wlong meta-datas,,

some items has remain gohst bones just made by transfer utility which has no used because not weight mapped.

Does they checked their products not only aspects, but rigging or weight mapped carefully now?


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    so I setted new bone for this back pack., then adjusted rig.

    and make meta-data one by one,,

    it seems difficult to categorize the items.without introduciton,
    I can not find which is accessory or prop for which figure. compatibility needs? or not?
    it need to check thems one by one.

    read me file is not right too. it told me wrong file location.

    I feel strange because, the installer number is 1.2.


    that means they corrected once the items.(installer bug? or meta-data?)
    so why DAZ did not check them?

    I do not think daz will correct them as soon as they can. (it seems not difficult at all, because I can do it, just lose their time,,)
    so I do not send chickets and bug reports.

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    It's ok as it is because it's not a conforming item but it has to be parented to Genesis chest, then it works as intended.

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    It can not be answer why it had collors and sholder bones.

    if the back pack was intended to be parented Chest, the bones has no means.
    (actually, they had nomeans, which has no weight map.)

    when I check the item in seane tab, it had sholder and collor bone (node).
    It seems natural to think the item is intended to "fit to" genesis.

    and if the artists intended so, just discribe it in read me file.

    but there is only wrong meta-data, and wrong file location read-me file.

    and why it "must be parented chest"? why not abdomen, or abdomen2 ?

    the item can be more better with "chest bone" becaues it can follow any size of genesis automatically.

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