Renaming Surfaces

A quick one, I hope.

How do you go about renaming surfaces in Daz Studio Pro

I've got the Surfaces editor open but don't see an option or menu for doing this.

Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks, Khory!

    I checked it out, but I was hoping for a quicker way to rename existing surfaces. :(

    Maybe I need to be more specific. I had created a dress for V4 and rigged it using the Figure Setup Tool. Unless I did something terribly wrong (which wouldn't be the first time!), the dress geometry ended up replacing the V4 model I used for copying the bone structure.

    Which is fine. But, it also replaced all my dress surface names, changing the skirt name to that of V4's torso, for example.

    So my surfaces are there, but all renamed to V4 body parts! LOL!

    Not a game stopper, exactly, but it would be nice to be able to restore my original surface names.

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    You could select the surfaces and add them to a new group (you can select by whole groups I believe). Then when you have them all sorted you could re-save and see if it deletes the bad names. No clue in the world if that would work though. And honestly, I am pretty sure it isn't suppose to nuke your surface settings to begin with.

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    Yeah, it doesn't seem right that everything got renamed. But, I can't figure out what I'm missing. Maybe I need to start a new thread.

    Thanks again. In fact, it turns out I have to do some regrouping, so the tutorial you pointed out to me will come in handy after all!

    One more thing. Being fairly new to Daz Studio (I'm much more experienced with Carrara and Hexagon), should I be using the newer 4.5, and the latest RC? Or is it safer to stick with the latest "stable" version which you get via the download on the main Daz Studio page?

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    Hey! Found it! I think.

    In the Tool Settings window, Polygon Group Editor, Target Group drop down menu, Surfaces, I can double-click each of the surfaces listed there and rename them.

    Looks like it took!

    Everything still got renamed with another trip through the Figure Setup Tool, but at least I know how to rename them!

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